Zillion Moe ’23 was given the tools for a career in finance at a local internship


Moe, a finance and entrepreneurship major, spent the eight-week program interning at Milestone Wealth Management.

The Campus Alamance initiative offers students the opportunity to use the skills they learned at Elon to go out into the community and apply those skills by working with some of the university’s most important community partners.

Several of the 40 interns who participated this summer shared their experience of the program and the lessons they learned working in the community for eight weeks in this series of articles for Today at Elon.

Like many students, Zillion Moe ’23 struggled to find an internship in his freshman year. With one opportunity after another failing to materialize, Elon’s Campus Alamance initiative offered him a chance to move closer to his career goals and set himself up for success.

“The Campus Alamance program is one of the best opportunities Elon has given his students,” said Moe, a finance and entrepreneurship major who spent the eight-week program with Milestone Wealth Management. “Through the program, you can see that there is so much your community brings to you and gives to you, and you can give back to them.”

The Campus Alamance initiative just completed its second year on campus and provided 40 Elon students with internships with 28 community partners. Students worked 20-30 hours per week for the eight-week program and attended weekly professional development sessions hosted by Elon.

The program is run by the Student Professional Development Center and the Kernodle Center for Civic Life and is designed for all Elon students, regardless of level or major. Each student involved receives a $2,500 stipend from the university.

Moe first heard about Campus Alamance through an email from First Generation Student Support Services. Intrigued by the variety of positions available and remembering the wise words given to him that the purpose of an internship is to gauge whether you would like this kind of work, he decided to apply.

Moe landed an internship at Milestone and, as part of the eight-week program, was tasked with taking on several dataset projects.

Campus Alamance intern Zillion Moe at Milestone Wealth Management in Burlington, North Carolina on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. Campus Alamance is an eight-week paid internship program for Elon students with local businesses and organizations across the June 1 to July 27.

One such major project that Moe undertook was to make a wide range of datasets easier to digest and more efficient to work with.

By creating profit and loss statements and using the conditional formatting skills he had learned in his classes with senior lecturer in management information systems John Wimmer Jr. and assistant professor of finance Thibaut Morillion, Moe completed the project, learning more about himself in the process.

Through the internship, Moe discovered his talent for data processing, an important reason for his aspirations to become a financial analyst, while recognizing the need to improve the communication of his findings.

Moe is also preparing for certification as an expert in financial modeling through Microsoft Excel, as the importance of this proficiency is essential in the field of work in which he hopes to enter.

“The more skilled I become, the more successful I will be and the more I will look like the person I aspire to be after Elon, Moe said.

Moe expressed his gratitude not only for the Campus Alamance program, but also for its organizer Robin Kazmarek, director of internships for Elon College, the College of Arts & Sciences.

Moe believes that internships are fundamental to a student’s personal growth, as the new experiences help build professionalism and provide access to a multitude of career paths.

The Campus Alamance program provided Moe with a fuller understanding of the local community, which he initially assumed was just a “small rural town”. After interacting with customers and seeing firsthand the growth in the area, Moe realized there was more to it than meets the eye.

“The interactions I had with the community demonstrated all of the different ‘campuses’ in Alamance that have their own culture and set of values,” Moe said.

“Campus Alamance has made me aware of the direction I hope to take after graduation. I’m excited to see how this program will grow next summer and the many ways it could help students like me to explore what their local communities can offer, no matter where an individual is in the world,” he added.


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