Young interns play an important role in the success of the history museum | WDVM25 and DCW50


SHARPSBURG, MD (WDVM) – The city of Sharpsburg, Maryland – in the heart of Civil War battlefield country – takes pride in its history museum, and the museum’s internship program is a big part of its success.

Although not quite old enough to attend high school, interns at the Sharpsburg History Museum play an important role in the museum’s success. Ed Beeler is the executive director of the museum and said that the interns “are actually my main assistants here, because without them the museum would not develop as it is”.

Growing up thanks to the hard work of Adam Oates, who receives a fairly extensive education in historic preservation.

“I work as a curatorial intern, so I deal with artifacts,” Oates said.

Max Gregg, who shares Adam’s passion for history, also helps Adam and Mr. Beeler.

“When it was Halloween, I was dressed up as a Union soldier, and then I came to the museum,” Max explained.

It was a fascinating education for the two young men, learning the rich history of the region.

“Over the summer we went to the Lutheran cemetery,” Oates said, “and we marked different graves and we inspected the ones that were Union soldiers, so we put flags on them. “

The region is so rich in historical artifacts and legends.

“I’m still learning a lot of new things from the Civil War,” said Gregg, “and from what happened in Antietam.”

And these young interns contribute to the growth of the museum.

“The more we get,” said Beeler, “I hope we can accommodate more interns and more children. We will try to start a history club this summer.”

And the museum hopes to expand into a new building in the near future. It was in 1732 that Lord Baltimore issued a proclamation for the settlers of Sharpsburg. The city was not only at the center of the Civil War, but also of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.


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