Yankees’ best prospect sets miners on fire, but he’s a great person too (video)


The New York Yankees may be looking for a long-term solution to the shortstop in the free agent market when the lockout is finalized, but they have multiple prospects of moving up the ranks that could take over at the future.

GM Brian Cashman is reluctant to offer a player like Carlos Correa a huge 10-year contract, especially if he’s unwilling to move to third base at some point in the future. The Yankees are confident Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza will grow up to be major league players, creating a small problem with their free agency strategy.

Peraza might be a little closer to hitting the majors than Volpe, but the latter of the two options is only 20 years old and reached .294 / .423 / .604 with 27 homers, 86 RBIs and 33 goals stolen on Low-A and High-A balls.

“He just dominated from start to finish on many levels and it was just refreshing, Cashman said. “It’s nice to watch because the other side is played most of the time. Players take a long time to develop or they don’t develop the way you thought they would and maybe they weren’t who you thought they could be. It’s nice to see her performance, her toolset, her makeup, her work ethic, her character, it all come to fruition. He really looks like the real deal, so we’re excited about that, for our fans and for our organization. “

Volpe isn’t just a phenomenal prospect, he’s also a great boy with a fantastic personality who would do wonders for the Yankees at the top of baseball.


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Volpe answered all questions to perfection, avoiding setting personal goals publicly after seeing players like Clint Frazier fall below expectations. Cashman has compared him to players like Alex Bregman before, and with his development being back on track after Covid, the hope is that Volpe will become one of baseball’s most sought-after shortstop prospects. if he hasn’t already.

Most believe Volpe is about two years away from hitting the majors, potentially three. Looking back, Derek Jeter joined the Yankees when he was just 21, but his full rookie season came at the age of 22, which could be a similar reality for Volpe.

That would suggest the Yankees are giving up on a big contract on a shortstop this offseason, instead finding a second best like Andrelton Simmons or Isiah Kiner-Falefa.

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