WVU in the News: A nurse explains the rewards, tribulations and importance of diversity and equity in her profession | school of nursing


Dr Tamarra Crandall (left) and Susan Pinto (right) connected during Homecoming 2022.

The Los Angeles Sentinel recently featured a West Virginia University School of Nursing alumnus, Dr. Tamarra Crandall, in the story “The Nurse Explains the Rewards, Tribulations and Importance of diversity and equity in his profession”.

Crandall said, “Diversity in the workforce – especially in healthcare – is so critical because patients are more comfortable with people who look like them. Being African American, it is extremely important to me that our community be well represented in the workforce. an important part of nursing is cultural competence. You must ensure that you have representation for all communities, especially when providing care to a minority population.

Susan Pinto worked with Crandall, WVU School of Nursing Class of 2011, as a first semester senior student during Community Health.

“Dr. Crandall was a hard worker, always striving to do her best. She spent a lot of time in my office seeking advice and support. I knew then that she was going to do great things,” said said Pinto. “She always demonstrated sensitivity for various vulnerable populations and was able to communicate in a caring and non-judgmental manner in every encounter! Her behaviors embraced diversity, equity and inclusion even as a student.”

While Crandall now lives on the West Coast, she certainly hasn’t forgotten her West Virginia roots. She hopes to help young African Americans towards a career in nursing, especially in the Mountain State.


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