WSGA Internship Takes Summer Program To Eau Claire Golf Course This Week



EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (WEAU) – An internship that allows you to place golf on various courses in Wisconsin … not a bad job, is it?

One of the Wisconsin State Golf Association’s summer interns is preparing for this.

Patrick Koenig visited Eau Claire on Wednesday to hit the links at the Wild Ridge Golf Course. The stoppage is part of his summer internship with the WSGA, which has two interns playing courses statewide. The Eau Claire stop was on day 18 of his internship, and Koenig is optimistic he can participate in more than 50 courses in 50 days.

“When they first came up with the idea to me, I thought the numbers were a bit low,” Koenig said. “I would like to increase it a bit; let’s look at a minimum number of courses we can play.

“And so that’s what I do,” Koenig said. “We are well ahead of the pace and we will arrive at 50 beautiful and ahead. Then it’s all in sauce from there.

Wild Ridge golf pro Jim Buyze says he’s thankful that the WSGA and Koenig are coming to town and playing on his course.

“It’s fantastic to have the support of the WSGA and to see Patrick come to town to highlight Wild Ridge and golf in the Chippewa Valley in general,” Buyze said.

Koenig is not a typical summer intern. He is 41 years old and left his role as Commercial Director in 2018.

“You are never too old to completely change what you do,” Koenig said.

Koenig bought a motorhome he called the “recreational golf vehicle” and spent a year golfing across the country. He also took professional photos of the various courses he attended before applying for the WSGA internship.

“An internship position is usually for younger people,” Koenig said. “There is always an opportunity for someone to learn something new or exercise their passion if you are up to it. “

While living in California, Koenig says he’s enjoying his time in Wisconsin, stopping occasionally for a kid and cheese curds. He said he hopes this opportunity will help put some of Wisconsin’s golf courses in the national spotlight.

“It’s been a huge boost for the state,” Koenig said. “All of these classes get photography as I go out and leave social media behind and some sort of impression in a place like you know where we are today.”

Koenig said he had played in Milwaukee, Lake Geneva and Madison, but small towns so far had the most interesting courses for him.

To learn more about the WSGA Summer Internship Program, you can visit the WSGA website. For more information on the Wild Ridge Golf Course at Eau Claire, you can visit the course website.

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