Wrestling Legend Says Current WWE Superstar Is Similar To Triple H


WWE currently has a plethora of top stars, but no one is as big as Roman Reigns. The tribal leader recently received major praise from Kenny Omega, who thinks fans would be pleasantly surprised at how a dream match between the AEW and WWE star could turn out.

Legendary wrestling reporter Bill Apter was the least surprised by Omega’s comments about Reigns and compared the tribal leader to Triple H.

Speaking of this week’s episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling Top Story, Apter explained that Reigns has all the essential qualities of an old-school performer. Unlike many other stars, he has found a way to stay relevant in the modern age. Apter also mentioned the importance of being part of the Samoan wrestling dynasty.

Here is how Bill aptly describes the exceptional work of Roman Reigns:

“How can you not recognize the man? He held his championship so much. He came the old way, being trained by the Samoan family. He’s an old school type of wrestler in a new world, I used to say about Triple H. He’s doing just fine.” [3:20 – 3:50]

What did Kenny Omega say about a possible match against WWE’s Roman Reigns?

Kenny Omega is considered one of the best in-ring workers of the current generation. Throughout his career, he played several memorable classics against various superstars.

A fan on social media recently claimed that Reigns might not be able to last even five minutes in the ring with Omega, and the former AEW World Champion had an interesting reaction to the comment.

Omega said Roman Reigns was the best guy in WWE for a reason, and he praised Roman’s incredible work ethic. The Cleaner also added that a confrontation between him and Reigns would surprise many detractors:

“@JakeBur99747047 @WrestlinAspect I’m sure he could. He’s their best guy for a reason and works hard to be that guy. I think the match would surprise a lot of people,” Kenny Omega tweeted.

@JakeBur99747047 @WrestlinAspect I’m sure he could. He’s their best guy for a reason and works hard to be that guy. I think the game would surprise a lot of people.

Roman Reigns earned everyone’s respect with his performances as WWE’s first Superstar, and his historic push isn’t likely to stop just yet. Meanwhile, Omega is recovering from an injury and should be back soon.

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