When NSE inducted a lawyer into the engineering profession


He proved that more good things can come out of the Niger Delta besides crude oil and the unrest of the young. His name is Azibaola Robert (Starlight Ewalamasobo), a lawyer by profession who eventually became an engineer out of passion by now moving heavy equipment. Starlight Ewalamasobo that he wrote was given to him by his father, which he says means special, extraordinary and unusual. Born in the community of Otakeme in the local government area of ​​Ogbia in Bayelsa state about fifty years ago, Azibaola (Starlight Ewalamasobo) Robert, entrepreneur, social thinker, innovator, motivator, ecotourist and Conservationist recently extended his tentacles by venturing into the tourist farm the peaceful Otuakeme Forest when he went on a fourteen-day expedition where he discovered many good things that will help the people of the Delta delta. Niger and Nigeria as a whole.

That he will reveal later. The restless Starlight once wrote that it is very important to start early, focus on their goals and persevere towards them, and he’s really accomplished a lot in his 50s. The curious Robert once told The New Telegraph that he likes to take any machine apart to find out exactly how it’s coupled, of course the reason that always keeps him calm and calculating. Of course, his passion for engines recently earned him an honorary membership in the Nigerian Society of Engineers, the country’s highest engineering body.

In the past, Robert studied law at Rivers State University of Science and Technology in Port Harcourt, earning a third class degree in 1993, a second class LLB from Lagos Law School, and was admitted to the bar in 1995. Deviating from his law profession because of passion in 1999, Azibaola founded Mangrovetech Nigeria Limited, a civil engineering company which is today known as Kakatar with a slogan Nigerians building Nigeria. It started to employ only Nigerian engineers.

In 2018, Azibaola Robert founded Zeetin Engineering, a high-tech precision engineering company with heavy-duty machinery in a state-of-the-art factory in the Idu industrial zone in Abuja. With its rare machines, Zeetin today is proud to be a Nigerian precision engineering company with the aim of launching the technological development of Nigeria. Through these companies he employed several Nigerian engineers. Today, his mission is to produce automotive engines made in Nigeria. And so with all of this, the leadership of the Nigerian Society of Engineers considered and felt it was appropriate to honor Azibaola (Starlight), Robert, as an honorary member of the society on this fateful day (December 7, 2021) in Abuja.

In presenting the award to Robert Azibaola, the president of the Nigerian Society of Engineers Babagana Mohammed described him as a man with a passion for engineering even though he did not study engineering but law. He said Azibaola believes in engineering so much that it is the reason he has employed so many engineers. Babagana said, “Azibaola believes so much that only Nigerians can develop Nigeria. “This is why we consider it appropriate to honor him today with an honorary member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and we believe he has more to offer the engineering profession.”

Flanked by his supportive wife Stella and their beautiful children, Robert recounting how it all started, Azibaola (Starlight) said he is also a carpenter adding that he created Kakatar to show Nigerians that it is possible to build Nigeria’s infrastructure without bringing an exterior. Azibaola recounted, “My passion is how we can catalyze the technological development of Nigeria so that Nigerians do not need to deepen outside forces for the basic things we need on the roads in the kitchen, in our homes. Productivity is the problem. Zeetin is primarily in mechanical engineering. I intend to produce a fully functional engine which has never been made before in Nigeria. “I also intend to make electricity and of course train coaches. We import a lot of trainers trained in this country and it’s not about importing train coaches, when it comes to training you see a slow pace at which a slow infrastructure evolves. This is because we are unable to produce the basic parts here. “Everything has to be imported from abroad and when trains break down they become obsolete because those who make trains are not interested in producing spare parts from the 90s. They are interested in producing spare parts for 2024, in the future. “We’re also looking at basics like excavators. The foundation of a country’s development is being able to move soil, which opens the way for roads, buildings and other infrastructure.


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