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New Delhi: Sanskriti University School of Law and Legal Studies held a webinar on “The Scope of the Legal Profession”. The webinar was aimed at educating students about the emerging scope of law as a legal profession and the issues faced by law students and aspirants when deciding on a definite career path and also about mentoring service aspirants judicial. Delhi High Court Barrister Vivek Tripathi was the keynote speaker for the webinar.

Lawyer Vivek Tripathi stressed the importance of law students and aspirants to make the ultimate career decisions for themselves. He said that although there are plenty of opportunities available on the employment front, it is the responsibility of aspirants in law to have a definite goal in mind and work hard to achieve that goal. Whether it’s civil law, corporate law, or judicial positions, candidates should categorize their internships according to their goals. Law is a crucial element in other major fields like politics, business and academics. Speaking at length on formal legal education, he also said that there are usually three- and five-year law courses offered by colleges and universities. Like the integrated BA LLB course, many higher education institutions also offer B.Com LLB and B.Sc LLB degrees. After graduation, degree courses are also available to pursue in specialized areas such as human rights, cyber law, and environmental law.

He said a lawyer can practice as a barrister in the subordinate courts, high courts or even the Supreme Court, depending on his education and training qualifications. One can join Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) companies or law firms, gain specialized knowledge in areas such as real estate, patent law, corporate law, etc. Justice is another field that young law graduates can pursue. There are exams for aspirants who want to be prosecutors. Those wishing to teach law must pass the NET exam and also hold a master’s degree in law.

Along with other teachers, Chancellor Sachin Gupta of Sanskriti University was also present at the webinar. Dr. Rakesh Premi, Pro-VC made closing remarks and also offered a vote of thanks.


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