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YEREVAN — Improving the combat readiness, arsenal and military service conditions of the army is our priority, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in a congratulatory speech on the occasion of the Day of ‘army.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, the Prime Minister said “during these three decades, the Armenian army has known glorious days and passed through many challenges”.

“The Armenian people appreciate the heroism of all our heroes, those soldiers, officers, generals and volunteers who fought to the end for the defense, security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the homeland,” he said. he noted.

“Today, we continue the path of systematic reforms aimed at further developing the Armed Forces, reassessing the past path of the military, the advantages, shortcomings and problems it had. The Republic of Armenia will have “a professional army and the Government will do this work tirelessly, without despondency or pessimism, but with optimism on the way to building our secure environment. Improving the army’s combat readiness, arsenal and service conditions military is our priority, Prime Minister Pashinyan said.

“Since 2018, the Armenian government has started the process of improving the social and living conditions of the military, and it will be continuous. Every soldier and officer of the Republic of Armenia must feel the support of the state, and we will be consistent in this process. Military service should deserve special public respect and appreciation, which should also be expressed through the system of special social guarantees for military personnel and their families,” he continued.

The Prime Minister stressed that “at the same time, the service’s evaluation criteria for intellectual, professional, physical and psychological preparation should also be raised, and public respect and appreciation for the military should be based on these points”.

On the occasion of Army Day, Nikol Pashinyan expressed his gratitude to all the volunteers, soldiers, officers and generals who were behind the formation of the Armenian army.

“I would like to thank all defenders of our homeland, all service members for the sacrifices they have made to unconditionally serve our country and our people in these difficult conditions. I would also like to thank their families for their patience, endurance and firmness towards their military relatives and the homeland,” added the Prime Minister.

“I bow to our heroic martyrs. Their memory is immortal, their work is sacred. May God bless the Armenian army,” he concluded.


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