Wayne State College to Provide Interns to Grand Island Businesses | Letters to the Editor


Grand Island employers, have you ever heard of Wayne State College’s Cooperative Internship Career Scholars program?

This is a real win-win for the Grand Island community and local employers. Students enroll in this wonderful program so that they can be assigned to our great Grand Island community for their entire senior year. Yes! You read that right… their entire year of senior year! They earn 18 credits of internship experience in your company. Students spend their first three years at Wayne State College preparing to become quality interns for our great employers. This is going to be fun! Grand Island employers, are you ready?

To ensure that students have financial support to stay focused on this program, students are awarded a scholarship ranging from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 per year to cover tuition, fees, room and board. meal. The bulk of the scholarship will be paid in their final year to help cover accommodation while the students live on Grand Island. The total amount of the scholarship is estimated to be approximately $ 24,000 over four years in the program.

n High school year: $ 5,000 for tuition and $ 10,000 for housing (will be in Grand Island for work and living.)

Local businesses on Grand Island are actively recruited to participate in the co-op program. Many have already signed up and are waiting to hire young professionals from Wayne State College. Our wonderful employers will engage directly with students in employer panels, information sessions, site visits, shadows and job interviews. The participating employers wish to recruit work-study students in several fields of business, industrial technology, mass communications, education and information technologies (information systems and computing). The leaders of Grand Island are enthusiastic. Employers are enthusiastic. Wayne State College is invested in Grand Island.


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