Want to train like Ryan Gosling? Here’s how he got in shape for The Gray Man


How to ignore a spy movie with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Regé-Jean Page? Answer — you can’t. But if you’ve watched the #1 new Netflix movie (opens in a new tab)The Gray Man, and I was wondering what Ryan Gosling was doing to be in such good shape, I’m here to help.

As a fitness editor, there’s nothing I love more than digging into the exercise routines of Hollywood’s most famous faces. secrets behind David Harbor’s Stranger Thing TransformationHow? ‘Or’ What Alan Ritchson gained 30 pounds to play ReacherI’m always intrigued by how actors lose weight and gain weight for movies.

When it comes to Ryan Gosling, however, he’s kept pretty tight-lipped about how he turned out and has remained in such good shape for years. Unlike other celebs, he hasn’t uploaded videos of his workouts to social media (hell, he doesn’t even have Instagram). He did, however, drop some clues as to his training regimen.

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How Ryan Gosling got in shape for The Gray Man

Impressed by Gosling’s physique? As we recently unboxed his ab workout to get in shape to play ken for the new Barbie movie, here’s what he had to say about his workout routine for The Gray Man:

He lifted weights

“I lifted heavy things. I trained more than usual. I ate less than I normally would, Gosling said in a interview with jo (opens in a new tab) when asked about his training routine for the roller.

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He trained in martial arts

As expected for an action movie, there’s a lot of action in this film, and Gosling is at the heart of it. To make these fight scenes realistic, Gosling allegedly underwent seven months of martial arts training and choreography.

“There was an amazing stunt team that kind of showed me all these different styles of martial arts and then tried to figure out what would work best for me and worked for the character as well, so they kind of curated this style for me,” Gosling said in an interview with JOE.

Ryan Gosling is on a train in The Gray Man

(Image credit: Netflix)

He ate well

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Unsurprisingly, Gosling’s hard work didn’t stop at the gym — according to interviews with the film’s makers, he ate extremely well on and off set. In an interview with Anthony and Joe Russo (known as the Russo Brothers), Anthony said EO (opens in a new tab), “we would feel very guilty because Ryan was on a very restricted diet for a long time, and there’s us, just indulging, indulging, indulging. I remember he finally got to the point where we were about a week away from filming, and Joe and I had a great pizza brought to the set. Ryan was just like, ‘You know what? Today I’m going to eat one of those damn pizzas.’ And he did, and he was very happy.”

He practiced several times a day

Again, double days are nothing new for those who are truly dedicated to the gym, but how the hell Gosling fit them into a busy shooting schedule, I’ll never know. In an interview with HEY (opens in a new tab) At the Time 100 gala, Gosling’s Barbie co-star Simu Liu, who also plays a version of Ken, was asked which Ken actor works the hardest to get in shape: “Definitely Ryan – 100% He’s definitely, like, gym in the morning, gym after work, a bit of a guy…. As much as I believe I have a work ethic, I also love food a lot Just hearing little bits about, you know, just his strict diet and just like the importance he places on taking care of himself and his body, I’m like, I respect him, I respect him. have a soda.

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