Want to do an internship with the Plainfield Police? Applications are open


PLAINFIELD, IL – The Plainfield Police Department is looking for interns for the upcoming winter / spring semester. Applications will be accepted until Oct. 31, officials said on Wednesday.

The internship program is unpaid and can be used as an introduction to law enforcement. Department staff select up to two full-time interns per semester, and students who are seniors pursuing a career in municipal law enforcement and majoring in criminal justice are considered first, according to the lines. guidelines.

Selected interns may be called upon to work nights or weekends, depending on the unit or shift to which each is assigned. Interns will work with the department to coordinate hours, and they will be expected to work approximately three hours per week for each credit hour awarded, as directed.

Some duties that the interested student may expect to have include assignment to various units and sections of the administrative, patrol, legal and community services divisions in order to “familiarize the trainee with all aspects of police service operations. municipal ”. They might also have to write reports, work with data, and do special studies.

To apply, potential interns must submit a written application and a signed directive form, which you can find here. Students are also required to deliver a written recommendation from a staff or faculty member who oversees the internship program at their college.

Interested candidates who have more questions can contact Sergeant Luke Ostreko at 815-267-7216.


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