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Working as a video editor requires many creative abilities. This profession offers a wide range of opportunities, but competition has increased as more and more people choose to pursue a career in it. The work of a video editor pays off well. However, to get off to a good start in this field, you have to do internships. To help you get hired as an intern, we’ve compiled a list of companies that are actively looking for new employees. Check out the list below and apply where your skills and interests match.

Video editing internship at My Academy

This is a home-based internship for a period of 3 months. Selected candidates will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 7,000. Interested and eligible candidates can apply through the Internshala portal. The deadline to do so is November 26.

Video editing and graphic animation internship at Team 121 Creators

The creators of the 121 team are looking for candidates available for a period of 6 months. It is also ready to offer work from home to selected candidates. They will receive a monthly stipend of between Rs 5,000 and Rs 8,000. At the end of the service period, candidates can also receive a letter of recommendation. The deadline for sending applications through Internshala is November 26.

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Video editing internship at YOOF

This is a 6 month internship where candidates will be allowed to work from home. Those who are selected will earn a stipend worth Rs 5,000 per month. The deadline for submitting applications on Internshala is November 25.

Video Editing and Video Creation Internship at Alphause Digital Consultancy Pvt Ltd.

This is a 2 month internship at home. Selected candidates will be able to earn a monthly stipend of between Rs 3,500 and Rs 4,500. The deadline for submitting applications through Internshala is 25 November.

Video editing internship at IMumz

IMumz is looking for eligible candidates who can work from home for a period of 4 months. The monthly stipend for selected candidates will be between Rs 11,000 and Rs 13,000. The deadline for completing applications on Internshala is 26th November.

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