‘VC Internship Scheme’: Delhi University students can do paid internships in university departments


The University of Delhi (DU) is launching a “Vice Chancellor Internship Scheme” (VCIS) through which undergraduate and postgraduate students of the university can avail paid internships in the departments and centers of the university.

This program is launched within the framework of the programs set up by the university on the occasion of its centenary.

“The goal of VCIS is to impart soft and hard skills training by integrating cognitive knowledge with experiential learning. It is a method to intertwine the holistic knowledge with the innovative ways of making money while learning the practical details from academics and administration, Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh said.

The program will offer two types of internships – summer and regular – which will be open to regular full-time undergraduate and postgraduate DU students in any course.

For now, the total number of trainees in each category is capped at 200.

Summer internships will be offered during the summer holidays for eight weeks and students will be paid Rs 10,000 per month, while internships during the academic session will pay Rs 5,000 per week.

Internships will be available throughout the year, depending on the needs of the departments and centers of the university. This scheme is applicable to all institutes, departments and centers of the university, including the VC office, the various libraries, the admissions branch and the equal opportunities unit.


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