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SHERIDAN — This week’s Summit Award winner, Amadea Vaira, believes in the importance of teamwork in all of her businesses. Whether at school, on the track, in activities or at work, these relationships enrich Vaira’s daily life.

This SHS senior holds an unweighted GPA of 3.979 and carries a heavy academic load this semester with AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Spanish, Strength Training, and Intro to Public Speaking. She describes the faculty and staff at Sheridan High School as extraordinary and applauds their dedication to helping students succeed. Vaira’s nomination for Outstanding Educator is social studies professor Michael Thomas.

“Mr. Thomas sincerely wants each of his students to become a better citizen and teach them the roles of government and a different way of thinking, Vaira said. “His course deepened my knowledge of our government and I will never forget what I learned.”

In turn, Thomas praised Vaira as a student.

“Amadea is truly one of the most respectful students I have had the privilege of teaching in my career,” Thomas said. “She is willing to help anyone and her communication skills are excellent. Ama is willing to spend time outside of class to learn as much as possible. She is very academically gifted at Sheridan High School. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours, and I look forward to seeing where her life takes her.

As a distance runner, Vaira’s participation in cross country and indoor and outdoor track provides an additional avenue for team building. Although she “loves to run,” her greatest satisfaction is being there for her teammates and the camaraderie they share.

SHS track coach Isaac Van Dyke confirms Vaira’s contributions to his team.

“Training Ama cross country and track has been a joy,” Van Dyke said. “Ama started running long distances in her second year. We were lucky to have Ama on the team. Her positivity is contagious and she always makes others around her feel Ama is a great team player and always promotes a positive culture. Ama works hard every day and leads by example.

Additional activities during Vaira’s high school years include the pep group, We the People pageant, participating in Girls State, and volunteering at Holy Name Catholic Church. These activities helped Vaira gain confidence in various situations.

“Ama is a breath of fresh air,” Van Dyke said. “She is funny, witty, studious and just a great person. We need more Amadea around the world. Ama has a bright future ahead of her and anyone who meets or has the privilege of working with Ama is lucky!

Vaira’s parents, Annette and Travis Vaira, are her role models and she credits them for leading the way by their example. Vaira states that she works hard because of the work she sees her parents doing every day in their careers and at home. Her own job at Starbucks is important to her because it allows her to prioritize time for school, activities, work, and family.

A final semester internship at the Sheridan Veterans Health Care System Pharmacy heightened Vaira’s interest in pursuing a degree in pharmacy. She is drawn to chemistry and is ready for the University of Wyoming, having already achieved pre-admission to pharmacy school.

Vaira backs up her belief in her abilities by stating, “Overall, I just want to give my best at what I do and do well in school and in the future.”

Academics for All congratulates Vaira on being the winner of this week’s Summit Award.


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