USM accounting student secures internship at Goldman Sachs


Shawn Moore, an accounting student at the University of Southern Mississippi, likens the news of his upcoming internship with Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs to that of a National Football League rookie.

Butterflies swirled when the all-important phone call arrived. “I was about to walk to Thad (Cochran Center) as usual when I got a call saying ‘GOLDMAN SACHS’ and I felt a lot of anxiety at first,” Moore said. . “When they told me they were making an offer, I felt quite moved because all of my hard work and sacrifice had finally paid off.”

Moore, a junior from Ocean Springs, will begin his 8-10 week internship with the investment banking firm next summer. He will work in the Goldman Sachs office in Dallas, Texas, before returning for his final year at USM.

Moore got a taste of investing and entrepreneurship during his time at Ocean Springs High School, where he was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. He launched his first e-commerce store at the age of 14, importing products from other countries like China that he would brand and then sell in the United States. He also started various other online businesses while in high school.

Moore came to USM on an Academic Excellence Fellowship, a Woodmen Life Fellowship, and as a Specialized Fellow. He currently has a cumulative GPA of 3.56. When the Goldman Sachs internship opportunity fell on his radar, Moore jumped at the opportunity to apply.

“I’ve always had a ‘go-big’ mentality, so I knew I wanted to gain experience working for a big company, he said. “Goldman Sachs has always been a fixture on Wall Street, and I wanted to be where the action is, which made me want to apply. ”

Moore said he hoped to gain a better understanding of Wall Street and make connections with professors who could lead to long-term relationships while in Dallas.

Moore commended Julia Bradley, visiting professor of accounting, for her mentorship throughout the process. He also thanks Sabine Heinhorst, Acting Dean of Honors College at USM, for helping him believe the Goldman Sachs internship was possible.

“The day before my Superday (interview) with Goldman, I was feeling anxious about competing against Ivy League students for the same position,” Moore said. “Dr. Heinhorst asserted that the school I attended did not matter as much as I thought, and reassured me that I would not have made it to the last round of interviews if they didn’t already think I was a good fit for the job. ”

Heinhorst notes that she was not surprised to learn that Moore won the internship.

“If I had to choose one word to describe it, I would choose the word ‘led’,” said Heinhorst. At Southern Miss, Shawn is an Honors Scholar, works as a Resident Assistant, and most impressively, is well on his way to graduating in accounting in two and a half years. “Shawn is also a really nice and sympathetic young man who will undoubtedly make his mark in the business world and become one of our distinguished alumni. ”

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