Undergraduate Research Internships


Choice-based credit system

Emphasizing the importance of research, UGC in its Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) has already recommended a six-credit research project as part of the undergraduate program. It aims to teach students certain skills, namely writing, conceptualization, data collection, interviewing, fieldwork, writing documents and to prepare them for the future.

The understanding is that some of the best ideas are with young people and we need to provide an environment in which they can have a romance with new ideas. Additionally, 80% of our students are enrolled in undergraduate courses, making it imperative to ignite young minds.

The excessive dose of examinations (internal and external) has made the whole process of education a war devoid of joy and humour. In this context, the NEP (2020) recommends a readjustment and revitalization of the higher education landscape. After the second or fourth semester, eight to ten 10-credit weeks will be required for students to exit with a degree or certificate, respectively.

Students will be required to complete 450 hours of internship while for a research internship, one credit would entail 45 hours of engagement in internship activities in a week and a commitment of 450 hours is required to earn the awarded credits. An internship is in any case necessary if the student decides to leave the new UG program after only two years.

In this context, it is necessary to organize brainstorming sessions in higher education institutions on how this initiative can be developed and the irritants along the way. Some of the steps that need to be taken and seriously thought about are:


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