UK Based AyataCommerce Starts Kochi Business With Hybrid Work Culture



UK-based digital services company AyataCommerce, which had embraced the Work from Home (WFH) concept long before it became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, has expanded its presence in India by opening its second office in Kochi after Bangalore.

AyataCommerce introduced WFH in 2016 and it helped them reduce staff turnover rate. Shine Mathew, CEO and founder of AyataCommerce, said the concept has been accepted by workers, which is evident from the majority of employees being retained in the company since the introduction of the WFH.

The company’s office at Kochi Infopark will also provide a “hybrid work culture” to employees.

Matthew said Activity area that “we offer the greatest flexibility to employees to choose their work preference – online, offline or both – as they see fit.” This flexibility at work has resulted in 100% retention of employees since they were hired in 2016. ”

As employees work in various parts of the world, he said the organization has a hassle-free system in place to effectively manage their work-life balance. This has helped both the employee and management achieve optimal results.

Company services

AyataCommerce provides a variety of digital commerce solutions ranging from e-commerce implementation and order management, to customer experience design and digital solution maturity assessment. Consulting in digital transformation as well as driving a “single view of” strategy is one of the specialties.

The company is also planning to establish a learning and development department in Kochi to address the digital shortage of good candidates in the field of JAVA programming. Deserving candidates would be recruited into the organization with exciting opportunities to learn and grow with the organization, he added.

According to him, the spread of the Covid has brought many talents back to their country of origin, including Kerala. The pandemic has given the government of Kerala the opportunity to set up a new development model for the state, specifically to respond to the IT crowd with the necessary infrastructure at their village level as part of promoting a new work culture.

To achieve this, he suggested that the government should provide the necessary connectivity, co-working space, video conferencing facilities, etc. for a hassle-free working environment.



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