Top 5 Villagers in Minecraft’s Most Disappointing Trades


As of update 1.14 Village & Pillage, villagers are the most useful mob in Minecraft. The players can give more than 16 different types of professions to the villagers. Depending on their work, villagers can sell a wide variety of items.

By trading with the villagers, players can get enchanted books, diamond tools, diamond armor, diamond weapons, emeralds, and many more. While most of the village professions are useful and have brilliant trades, a few are disappointing.

This article takes a look at some of the more disappointing villager professions in Minecraft. Players can avoid these professions unless they need to.

Disappointing villager trades in Minecraft

5) Cartographer

Cartographer (Image via Minecraft)
Cartographer (Image via Minecraft)

Cartographers aren’t entirely useless as players can get Woodland Explorer Cards, Ocean Explorer Cards, and sell them glass. But, that’s just it, the other jobs of cartographers are not so great compared to the other villagers,

Another problem with the cartographer is that maps bought from him always point to the exact location. For this reason, there is no point in redoing these transactions.

Players can buy glasses from librarians and sell them to cartographers as panes. However, players can achieve the same just by using books and shelves.

4) Butcher

Butcher (Image via Minecraft)
Butcher (Image via Minecraft)

All butchery trades are related to food products. Players can sell them Raw Meat for Emeralds, but it’s not an efficient trade. There are many other crafts for easy emeralds like selling sticks, iron ingots, papers, books etc.

Players can purchase cooked pork chops or cooked chicken from Apprentice Butchers. However, farmers also offer golden carrots and other valuable trades that are better than butcher trades.

3) Fisherman

A fisherman is often useful to Minecraft speedrunners. Players can buy a bucket with cod to get a bucket. But, other than that, fishermen are mostly useless. After several attempts, players can get a fishing rod with a good enchantment, but librarians can get the same as well.

2) Leather worker

Leatherworker (Image via Minecraft)
Leatherworker (Image via Minecraft)

Other than saddles, there is no reason to upgrade a leatherworker in Minecraft. Leatherworkers have leather armor merchants. Instead of spending Emeralds on Leather Armor, players can craft Leather Armor.

Players can purchase saddles from master level leatherworkers, but they can build an easy raid farm if a player needs too many saddles. In addition to saddles, this farm will also produce totems, emeralds, and other valuables.

1) Shepherd

Shepherd is arguably the most disappointing villager profession in Minecraft. Many players don’t even know the Shepherds because they don’t provide any useful items. Almost all of the shepherding trades are related with wool and dyes, which can be easily obtained from other sources.

To note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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