The Undertaker recalls his reaction to the former WWE manager’s real-life profession


The Undertaker recently recalled his reaction to learning the true profession of Paul Bearer (real name William Moody).

The Phenom had his last match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in a Boneyard match. Throughout his long career he had notable rivalries with many superstars including Batista, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, John Cena and Brock Lesnar, to name a few- one.

In his WWE debut, Taker was paired with Bearer (then known as Percy Pringle) as a manager. To add to The Deadman’s dark gimmick, Bearer sported a pale face, held an urn, and wore a black suit.

During a recent interaction with A&E’s Peter Rosenberg, The Undertaker recalled his initial reaction upon learning that his manager was a licensed funeral director in real life.

“At that time, I had no idea William Moody was a licensed funeral director and I had no idea. I mean, you know, all I knew was Percy Pringle and the blonde hair and the star jackets and so I didn’t find out about him until he was actually interviewed later, for the WWE job. So it’s crazy how things went and yeah, he was a vital, vital part of all character development.(18:30 – 19:03)

Check out the interview below:

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The Undertaker was initially unaware that Paul Bearer would be directing him

During the same interaction on A&E, Taker claimed he was initially unaware that Paul Bearer would be his manager until he made his entrance.

“I walk down to the ring, no music, nothing at that point and all of a sudden I turn around and here’s Percy Pringle. He gets up and he says, ‘Gary told me to come out and be your manager.'”

The Undertaker has already announced his retirement from in-ring competition, but has often surprised fans with a comeback. Do you think he will come back for one more game? Sound off in the comments below.

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