The most and least famous professions in Germany


A recent survey revealed the top jobs in Germany. Firefighters and nurses have the best reputation among Germans, while insurance agents are considered the worst.

Germany’s Most Respected Rescuers

In almost every area of ​​life, it is almost always desirable not only to be successful, but also to be regarded with a high level of esteem. Unfortunately, nowadays, it seems that these two values ​​rarely go hand in hand. However, with hard work and persistence, it is entirely possible to achieve whatever you strive for. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to not only be successful but to be highly regarded, then maybe it is time to try entering the world of emergency services because a recent survey by opinion revealed that jobs in this sector are highly revered in Germany.

The survey was conducted by the forsa Institute for Social Research and Statistical Analysis for the German Civil Service Association (DBB) and asked people how they viewed different professions. As a result, firefighters were held in very high regard, with 94 percent of those polled giving them a high or very high rating. Soldiers enjoyed the largest increase in their reputation, with 53% of respondents rating them either highly or very strongly – 7% more than in 2020. Insurance agents had the highest approval rating. low of all jobs, with only 8% of people rating them highly.

Britta Matthes, a researcher at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), explains that a profession‘s reputation is distinguished from a number of factors. Salary obviously plays a big role, but the intrinsic motivation to undertake a job too, for example, caregivers and teachers often develop close bonds with their patients or students and do not enter their profession just for the money. “It has a positive effect on their reputation,” said Matthes. Media attention also plays a role, which may explain the surge in soldiers’ reputations since Soldiers recently came into the public eye, supporting health officials during the coronavirus crisis and other missions. aid.

The reputation of entrepreneurs in free fall

The survey also continued a downward trend in the reputation of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were rated well by only 40% of those questioned, which is 2% less than the previous year and 21% less than the first survey of 2007. “In the population, entrepreneurs are often equated with directors generals of large companies who earn a salary greater than the average amount of money, ”said Matthes. However, this perception of entrepreneurs is often wrong, as artisans and small business owners fall into the category of entrepreneurs. This suggests that being self-employed in Germany is less respected than it might be in other countries.

The reputation of civil servants has also suffered due to the misperception that civil servants are simply people working in public administration. “Most people associate the term ‘civil servants’ with public administration employees who sit in their offices and make decisions according to given patterns,” said Matthes. However, this is not the case, as, for example, police officers also fall under the category of “officials”.

The most and least famous jobs in Germany

The following jobs are ranked according to the percentage of respondents who hold them in high or very high regard in 2021.

  • Firefighter – 94 percent
  • Nurse – 89 percent
  • Doctor – 88 percent
  • Caregiver – 87 percent
  • Police officer – 85 percent
  • Educator – 81 percent
  • Teacher – 69 percent
  • Ranger – 62 percent
  • Soldier – 53 percent
  • Factor – 52 percent
  • Journalist – 41 percent
  • Entrepreneur – 40 percent
  • Civil servant – 34 percent
  • Bank clerk – 24 percent
  • Politician – 22 percent
  • Telephone company employee – 13 percent
  • Advertising employee – 10 percent
  • Insurance agents – 8 percent

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