The Estates General of the Nursing Profession are underway



This was firmly decided by the 102 presidents of the provincial orders of nurses representing the more than 456,000 members, supporting a proposal from the Central Committee of the National Federation of Orders of Nursing Professions (FNOPI), which sent a little less than a month an open letter to the Government, the Parliament, the institutions and the Regions in which he announced that he wanted to coagulate a unified response, independent of union and partisan affiliations, roles and positions.

The States General of the Nursing Profession will begin with a public and transparent consultation addressed to all the 456,000 Italian nurses who will be called upon to express their position on the most important issues for the profession that the provincial orders will analyze and systematize with the Central Committee of the Federation. . A series of first provisional placements will then be drawn up which will then be subject to comparison with all the advisory bodies of the FNOPI and finally with external stakeholders..

This, to arrive at a shared platform that redesigns the nursing profession in Italy also through the modification of primary rules and university and specialization training courses.

A concrete proposal for the country that will become the pivot of the requests and the confrontation with the institutions and the political class so that none of the protagonists of the National Health Service is penalized and that the health and assistance needs of the people are finally fully answered.

“We need a firm position – he said Barbara Mangiacavalli, President of the FNOPI -. As a subsidiary body of the State, we have always maintained a serious and serene dialogue out of institutional duty. We cannot sit back, but we want and need to lead change in the current system and we intend to do so in ways different from those typical of street demands, but on the basis of a firm and strong will to propose a concrete and effective institutional dialectic . The moment is crucial – he concluded -: today’s political choices will have repercussions at least for the next 20 years. Nurses know this and it is good that the institutions also become aware of this directly from the voice of 456,000 Italian nurses through the Federation and all the provincial OPIs”.

The FNOPI National Council will meet again on February 26 to share with the entire nursing community the operational modalities of the expanded consultation process, which began with the official opening of the Estates General.

The FNOPI has no doubts: “Without clear choices and an equally clear change of course, a profession is killed and with it an entire national health system”

“It is still possible to write a history that restores dignity to nurses and their assistants” underline the Federation and the presidents of the 102 orders representing the 456,000 nurses present in Italy, but there is no more time to lose: beyond the promises that they must follow the facts and the Estates General are and will be the basis of orientation. “


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