Sublette Examiner | SCSD9 honors the students of the month of May



GRAND PINEY –The Sublette County No.9 School District Board of Directors recognized four students of the month for May 2021 at its September meeting.

LaBarge Elementary Kindergarten teacher Karen Woodland has named Kevin Hill, now in Grade 1, as Student of the Month. Woodland described Hill as “a prime example of the school’s character traits.”

Hill shows respect to teachers and friends, is engaged in schoolwork, and “listens carefully to instructions and then follows them,” said Woodland.

“Ms. Woodland really appreciates this quality,” she added.

Woodland emphasized Hill’s ability to empathize with his classmates.

“Kevin shares well and wants to make others happy,” said Woodland. “He’s ready to give up any toys or treats he wants to make other people happy.”

Woodland praised Hill for being an “extraordinary” kindergarten.

“In kindergarten there is so much to learn about attending school and Kevin learns it quickly and remembers it,” she told the board. “Kevin’s smile brightens my day. He is a happy and wonderful boy and I am so happy to know him.

Big Piney Elementary grade four teacher Christie Willford honored Dominic Beale, currently in grade five, as Student of the Month.

“I really enjoyed teaching Dominic last year,” said Willford.

Beale entered Big Piney Elementary School as a new student last year.

“It takes a lot of courage to come to a new school anytime, let alone in the middle of a school year,” Willford said.

Beale is curious and creative and excels in science, Willford told the board.

“Dominic loves to research new information,” she said. “He wonders and always wonders. When it comes to science, his mind is like a whirling dervish – it never stops. “

Beale is a “respectful and kind soul” who “cares a lot about her classmates,” added Willford. Beale regularly told stories and jokes to boost the morale of his classmates and teachers, Willford said.

Beale demonstrates integrity by making the right choices even when no one is watching, noted Willford. Willford expressed confidence in Beale’s ability to do well in fifth grade.

“I’m sure Dominic lives up to the opportunity to be a fifth grader, showing responsibility, respect and love to learn.”

Jess Nugent, a language arts teacher at Big Piney Middle School, awarded eighth-grade Kamia Runyan the Student of the Month.

Nugent praised Runyan’s kindness and ability to include everyone around her. Runyan shows a strong work ethic and a willingness to keep trying, no matter how daunting the task, Nugent said.

“Kamia is not afraid to work hard and she always strives to do her best, whether in the classroom, in the field or helping out at school,” Nugent added. “Once she commits to something, she gives it all.”

Nugent called Runyan a responsible student, someone who can be relied on to hold herself accountable.

“She stands out from her peers because she’s ready to do what’s right, no matter what,” Nugent said.

Other BPMS teachers praised Runyan.

“Kamia is a great student with a great work ethic,” wrote art teacher Matt Guenther. “She always pushes herself to the next level and wants to excel.”

“Kamia has helped me revamp the library during retreat almost every day, and I am very grateful to her,” added School Librarian Allison Klima.

“Kamia does a great job participating in class discussions, generally volunteering to answer questions and willing to take risks,” said Dr Will Farrington. “The college is fortunate to have such a good role model for other students.”

Big Piney High School math teacher Cole Clifford named Lena Hatch as student of the month. English teacher Tracy Hughes introduced Hatch to the board.

Hatch’s positive qualities are especially evident at sporting events, Clifford wrote.

“Lena empathizes with her teammates, being the first to congratulate them with a loud shout, high five or pat on the back,” Clifford added.

Clifford emphasized Hatch’s respect for herself, the game and her opponents.

“She shows respect not only for our community, but also for the communities she visits,” added Clifford. “She is a role model for others and always will be.”

BPHS Director Jeff Makelky highlighted Hatch’s leadership skills, describing her as a “strong and mature voice for her peers.”

In the classroom and on the basketball court, Hatch “works harder than anyone you meet,” wrote English teacher Faith Howard.

“Lena Hatch is such a charismatic, energetic and kind person who improves our student body and our athletic teams,” added Howard. “His resilience and positivity when the going gets tough is noticeable. “

Science professor and student council advisor McKenzie Sullivan highlighted Hatch’s role as student council secretary.

“This year, Lena’s leadership has been unprecedented,” Sullivan wrote. “She has great ideas, great enthusiasm and a great responsibility to help make all of these great ideas come true.”

“Lena is just perfect in every way – from her friendly, positive and enthusiastic demeanor to her academic motivation and participation in school,” said Hughes. “Continue to diffuse your authentic and infectious light wherever you go.”



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