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The Alex Foundation recently launched its internship in Lake Village for 10 high school and college students.

Participants were recommended by their high school counselor, teacher, and previous involvement in the Alex Foundation’s architecture and design programs.

The internship provides young people with on-the-job learning experiences to acquire skills in an environment that fosters learning to work while working to learn. It allows young people to be employed by the Alex Foundation for 30 hours per week, thus providing real world knowledge, relevant employment and compensation.

Through this, young people can acquire resources to equip them with skills in problem solving, team building, analytical reasoning, technical, creative and critical such as STE + AM (science, technology, engineering, architecture and mathematics). ), thus preparing them for the 21st careers of the century.

With funding through a grant from the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services (ADWS) and the Arkansas Human Development Corporation (AHDC), participants were accepted for employment after a rigorous process.

The young participants are Janett Solorio, Kathy Mondragon, Aidan Marcum, Javier Mondragon, Madeline Bush, Heath Wilburn, Carmella Mondragon, Dayton Dossier and Quinten Shaw.

Participants began their internship at the Lake Village Expo (formerly National Guard Armory) with architect Brent Shelor of Hot Springs and fabrication and metal designer Jeff Childers of Lake Village.

Shelor and Childers introduced young people to careers in their respective professions and the skills required to be successful. Shelor provided a detailed perspective on his architectural career path and the steps he took to get to where he is today. He explained that his university studies did not start with architectural studies. Shelor said he first majored in engineering and changed majors three times during his college career.

“When I first went to college at Kansas State University, I first majored in computer engineering,” Shelor said. “Later, I switched to chemical engineering, then to architectural engineering. So I decided to get a degree in construction science and management.

Shelor said a chance meeting with a college peer helped him decide his career. “I met a peer who was getting a double degree in architecture and decided that would be the right decision for me too.” Shelor chose architecture because it was a good combination of subjects he liked, such as math, science, and art. He said the architecture was more aligned with his interests.

“I wanted to find something that I love to do, and engineering wasn’t that,” Shelor said. “I kept looking for something more appropriate, and that something was architecture.”

For those interested in architecture, Shelor suggests working as an architecture intern to gain first-hand knowledge and experience. Shelor says an internship is important for performing various tasks. “Not only do you have to do office tasks, but you also have to go out into the field and see real projects going on. This in turn will give you a better idea of ​​if this career is for you, or if you should look for other opportunities, ”he said.

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