Rosie Perez and Griffin Matthews say roles on ‘The Flight Attendant’ have given them new respect for the profession – WEIS

HBO Max/Karolina Wojtasik

Season two of The stewardess took off Thursday on HBO Max. Kaley Cuoco, Rosie Perezand the rest of the gang are back, serving double duty as flight attendants who moonlight as government spies or double agents.

Griffin Matthews plays one of those who do double duty, joking with ABC Audio, he now thinks every flight attendant he meets also works for the CIA.

“I don’t wonder. I’m sure of it, he teases. “No, you think of them as different people now, you know, like now I’m really thinking about their lives in this mess. They’re talking about passengers. There may be interpersonal dramas. I have great respect for the air hostesses these days.

Perez also has a whole new respect for those who take care of us in the skies and the knowledge they have, including “have to know how an airplane works, have to be people to keep calm just in case something goes wrong. going wrong, having to deal with unruly passengers, you know, my heart just goes out to them.

“It’s very, very different,” she adds. “Even when they walk in and say ‘Ms. Perez, we’re so happy” and I’m like, “OK, thank you, I don’t want to bother you”. And they’re like, ‘what?’ You know, because they have a lot to deal with.

Although Perez’s character is a CIA agent, in real life the life of a spy might not be for her.

“I think what would make me a good CIA agent is that I would never assume I was a CIA agent. And what would make me a bad CIA agent, I think, is that I’m just too nervous,” she says. “But I can keep a secret.”

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