Ranking the Buccaneers’ carry in the 2022 NFL Draft


Tampa Bay entered the draft with a clear plan to meet post-free agency needs. Jason Licht and Todd Bowles left the draft doing a solid job bringing in players who could help them qualify for the Super Bowl in 2022.

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Let’s take a look at the 2022 interim results and note the overall results for the organization.

Round 2, Pick 33: Logan Hall, defensive end, Houston

There was a good chance the Bucs would go after the defensive line in this draft. Hall has played inside and out in Houston and Tampa Bay plans to use him primarily at the three-way technique. It will take him some time to learn and adapt, so he will be able to offer some versatility early on. There are a lot of upsides here as Hall is one more athlete for a defensive lineman.

Category B

Round 2, Pick 57: Luke Goedeke, guard, Michigan center


Before the draft, I wrote an article about Tampa Bay’s need to replace Ali Marpet. I’m a big fan of offensive linemen who play angry all the time. Goedeke fits this mould. He did a pre-draft interview with Adriana Torress where he said “I’m a real glass eater.” He’s a finisher, and he’ll have an early chance of earning a starting spot.

Rating: A-

Round 3, Pick 91: Rachaad White, running back, Arizona State


White is the last running back from Days 2 and 3 drafted by the Bucs. He is a smooth runner with good feet. He needs to work on his inner running game to become a more complete runner, but he will instantly contribute on impact as a third back. With a guy like security Nick Cross still available, there’s talk that Tampa Bay has hit a bit here.

Rating: C

Round 4, Pick 106: Cade Otton, Tight End, Washington


This choice came from the negotiation of the first round. Otton is someone the organization took great interest in throughout the drafting process. They hung out with him at the combine and they welcomed him on a top 30 tour. He was clearly a prime target for a team that needed to address the position. Otton is a good route runner and a good blocker. Really solid choice with great value.

Rating: A

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Round 4, Pick 133: Jake Camarda, punter, Georgia


Interesting choice here in turn 4 when looking at the roster and the cap. Bradley Pinion has struggled over the past two seasons – leaving him could save the Bucs $2.9m as they look to drop below the cap and possibly find money for Rob Gronkowski or Ndamukong Suh . Puntalytics was high on Jake, comparing him to 8-year-old punter Pat O’Donnell. At the same time, picking a bettor in round 4 means that rating can’t be too high.

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Category B

Round 5, Pick 157: Zyon McCollum, Corner, Sam Houston State


They gave up what will result in a late 4th round pick to move on to Zyon. I’m a fan of this choice. He was a 3rd team All-American coming from a small school. He blew the combine with his 4.33 40 at 6’2”, 199 pounds. His jump in width of 11′ and his vertical of 39.5” show his explosiveness. McCollum had 54 pass breakups and 13 interceptions in college. The Bucs needed to tackle the corner in this draft and they found a guy they were hugely interested in at a great spot. Apparently, the Bucs told him that if he ran under 4.5 at the combine, they were going to draft him. They followed that.

Rating: A

Round 6, Pick 218: Ko Kieft, Tight End, Minnesota


As mentioned earlier, the organization was going to tackle the tight end point in this project. Did it take two with the possibility of Gronkowski returning? I’m not so sure. Ko is an elite line blocker, which I’m sure Licht and Bowles considered as they run a lot of 12s. I don’t understand the trade for him, but overall it doesn’t matter because he’s a late sixth-round pick.

Rating: C-

Round 7, Pick 248: Andre Anthony, Defensive End, LSU


It looks like a shot in the dark. Anthony is soon to be 26 and is older than 23 current players on the roster. He has missed most of 2021 with a knee injury. With someone like Florida State edge Keir Thomas on the board, this one is a headache.

Rating: D-

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