Pop-country singer dreams of big hits with new release


Renae Frederick said she was proud and impressed by her daughter’s dedication to her craft.

Born with a cleft palate and hearing problems, Lexi Frederick is about to release her third single on iTunes. “Bring Me Peace” is released on April 8, along with his other original singles, “My Friend” and “Vacant” which were released in 2021.

With the help of her mother, Frederick has been pursuing her singing career for four years.

“To see her have this ability is just amazing,” said Renae Frederick. “Just looking at her work ethic, she puts in hours of daily practice. Just watching her grow through this is just surreal. I’m a proud mum.

A senior at Chelsea High School, Frederick hopes to pursue a career as a pop-country singer in the future. As for the present, Frederick keeps busy at school (where she is a member of the National Honor Society) and volunteers at the Heavenly Smile pantry.

Frederick began practicing with his vocal coach, Natalie Kaye Robertson, owner and founder of O-Kaye Productions in Nashville, in 2018 following a softball injury.

“I always liked to sing, but I never really pursued it because I had to play volleyball,” Frederick said. “I was so focused on it, but I hurt my knee and I could never play again. My mum had really encouraged me to sing and she eventually started signing me up for lessons and ever since then, music is my goal.

She started writing her own songs in 2020 then recorded her first EP in Nashville which includes “My Friend” and “Vacant”, both released in 2021.

She also writes songs with her uncle Derek, who helps her with her lyrics, which happened “out of the blue”. One day when she was at her grandmother’s, he asked her her opinion on a song he had written.

“It was good, but there were definitely some changes that could be made to improve it. Since we’ve been writing songs, she said.

Frederick travels back and forth to Nashville to meet with Robertson to practice her singing and work on the songs she writes, she said.

“She helps me with my songs, works on my dynamics and makes sure they’re the best they can be,” Lexi said. “Whenever we feel my songs are perfected, we go to Nashville where we record and track my music.”

Frederick said his friends and family supported his career, pre-ordering and buying his songs when they were released.

“They will publish my photos, share [my songs] with other people or their friends and I will pre-order my songs,” she said. “I had a lot of support from my friends to help me get there, [along with] my family too.

Frederick plans to attend Jefferson State Community College after graduating from Chelsea, but said his main priority will be his music and improving his skills.

“If I were to go to a big college, it would be very difficult to practice my music with the dorms and everyone,” she said. “I just want to take this as seriously as possible and really focus on myself and give it my all. I hope I keep going back and forth to Nashville and make it big.


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