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SHREVEPORT, La – Much of this bumpy ride along the Kings Highway through the Highland region is attributed to improper sewer line replacement work. The city’s water and sewer manager said the work was done by contract workers in previous administrations under the city’s approval decree.

William Daniel says these workers did not properly compact the sand under the road and the previous project manager’s inspectors did not catch it. Now the sand under the road is undermining the road.

“We have quite a bit of compaction going on in various areas. And we went back to the original contractor for the warranty. And we succeed in some cases and we fail in others to convince the contractor to do so. remake .”

Daniel says that the latter means that the work will have to be redone at the expense of the city. But he says the Perkins administration will make sure it’s done right.

“We’re going to have independent inspectors rather than relying on program inspectors. The engineering department has revised the standards on the roads, so they’re much more stringent now. So these problems don’t happen again in the future. “, Daniel mentioned.

The road is leaking in areas including where there is a manhole cover near Creswell in the westbound interior lane.

Another area that has been a long-standing problem is heading west near Byrd High School. There is a big pothole that still has standing water. It was blocked and traffic had to merge into one lane for months.

The city official believes that pothole near Byrd High School continues to open because of a natural underground spring.

Daniel says the problem is not the result of a broken water pipe undermining the road, but water from another source.

“There’s a natural spring underneath. And so what it does is kind of washes the base all the time. I went through the records and looked. And we’re doing it there. constantly repairs, ”said Daniel.

Daniel says he is now looking for a more permanent solution to the problem of natural sources.

Meanwhile, road construction continues to realign the Kings in the outer lanes on either side of Highland Avenue. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction. We hope that the work will be completed in early November.

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