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Each year, high school students across the region have the opportunity to participate in the Pinhead Institute program, which matches youth with mentors in their areas of interest.

In 2020, around 30 students completed their internship and will be making presentations on their experience at an event on Wednesday at the Sheridan Opera House, said institute executive director Sarah Holbrooke.

“We will have two sessions. One from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., then another from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m. There is also an outside reception from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Bring diapers, ”she said. added.

Participants must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask inside.

All high school juniors who wish to apply during the next internship cycle must attend the event or send an email to Holbrooke in advance. Applications are due the Friday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 19, and children interested in applying should get involved with Pinhead as soon as possible, Holbrooke explained.

“We are accepting applicants from the following schools – Olathe, Montrose, Ridgway, Telluride, Telluride Mountain School, Norwood, Nucla, Paradox, Dolores and Cortez,” she said. “We have students from all of these schools presenting on Wednesday. “

The Pinternship process begins at the start of the year, and dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic has made the last cycle more complicated than usual, especially finding student accommodation.

“It was such a roller coaster. We accept and meet with children and their families until January. In February, we are pleased to begin to refine our investment opportunities. In March, most of our mentors told us this was not going to happen in person, due to the pandemic, which was completely understandable. In April, we heard “yes, the labs are opening their doors! In May, we started reaching out and putting the kids in touch with their mentors, and desperately trying to find accommodation for the students. Most ended up in Airbnbs and student sublets, as few host families felt comfortable welcoming independent high school students into their homes. In June, we heard from “only vaccinated students”. And by July, most of our 30 interns were placed and on their way. So totally a roller coaster from start to finish, ”said Holbrooke.

She added that 80% of alumni Pinterns studied STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) at a four-year college, while 83% graduated and worked in STEM-related fields.

“The only thing that hasn’t changed this year was the high quality and loyalty of our incredible Pinterns and the support of our families and mentors,” said Holbrooke. “I loved hearing Sarah from Telluride say how much she loved her internship at Tybee Island Marine Science Center, as well as a small internship with a pediatrician, so both of her interests were explored. I loved hearing how Chris from Ridgway built his drone helicopter. I was thrilled to hear about all the STEM lessons involved in Kaleigh and Michael’s internships at Long Table Farms, where they worked very, very hard. And John from Telluride did us a huge service when his data mining internship revealed some amazing trends from our former interns.

Anyone interested in learning more about these internships should attend Wednesday’s event, but that’s not all the institute has to offer, including the popular Lego Robotics program.

“I love hearing about all the amazing things the kids have been able to study and assimilate, and it all starts with a strong belief in the program and the fearlessness to ask mentors to host our amazing high school students. I am so proud to hear everything they have learned and what a growing experience it is. Not only do they learn in the lab or on the job, but they also learn to navigate new cities and cultures and to commute, ”said Holbrooke. “We run seven FIRST Lego Robotics teams and have after school classes for the little ones every day of the week, so we need a lot of help from volunteers. If you are a student and get involved by volunteering now, it shows how interested you are in Pinhead and STEM. We are a small non-profit organization and we love our volunteers who do so much for us, as well as our dedicated and hardworking staff, and it makes a difference if a student is willing to give us some of their precious time.

All internships are free for families, as travel and accommodation allowances are available for anyone who needs them. There is no charge to apply or participate.

“We want to make sure all kids know they are welcome to apply and continue this amazing experience,” Holbrooke said.

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