Penn State Football: Chuck Losey Promoted to Assistant Athletic Director of Performance Enhancement


Chuck Losey kisses James Franklin. Photo by Paul Burdick

Penn State Football has promoted Chuck Losey to assistant director of performance enhancement, replacing Dwight Galt III who recently retired from the same position after a long career at Penn State, Vanderbilt and Maryland.

Losey joined the Penn State staff as assistant director of performance enhancement in January 2014, following coach James Franklin from Vanderbilt at State College and was promoted to associate director in 2017.

“Over the past 11 years, I’ve had a clear vision of what I want the next step in my coaching career to be,” Losey said in a press release. “Working alongside James Franklin and Dwight Galt has given me the opportunity to help cultivate my craft so that I am more than prepared to take on this new role. I am grateful to continue the relationships established with the students- athletes, staff and the Penn State community. Let’s get to work!”

Prior to his move to State College, Losey spent three years in the same role at Vanderbilt under Galt. Losey also served as Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning for Tennessee State University for six years, from 2004-2010. While at TSU, Losey managed all aspects of design and implementation program for 11 men’s and women’s collegiate sports.

Losey graduated from Vanderbilt with a bachelor’s degree in human and organizational development.

Speaking to last summer, Losey discussed his own career and why he turned down other opportunities — choosing to stay with Franklin and his program.

“James is as advertised,” Losey said. “He prides himself on being a relationship-based coach, and he’s like that with the players; he is like that with the staff. It’s a profession where people bounce back a lot and I think sometimes people assume in this profession that loyalty no longer exists. I would strongly disagree with that. I know personally, I’m loyal to James Franklin; I’m loyal to Dwight Galt… As a young head coach, I thought I had figured out a lot of things, and I did, but there was still a lot to learn, especially from a guy like Dwight who had been in the profession to have lasted 25, 30 years at the time. So it was a bit like the stars were aligned.

“That’s kind of the reason I stuck with James; it’s just that I have the greatest confidence in him. I have the greatest confidence in Dwight. I wouldn’t change our situation. Our families are close. Our wives hang out together. I know their children very well. They know my kids very well, so you just don’t find that often in this business, and I’m not interested in giving that up anytime soon. Not for a quick paycheck. You know, I tell people all the time that my Associate Director position here at Penn State is better than 95% of the Director positions there.

Tuesday’s news comes with the promotion of Rhian Davis who will guide performance enhancement for the Olympic sports programs, while continuing to serve as a performance enhancement coach for the women’s basketball and men’s tennis programs. .


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