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Pell City graduate Abigail Minor is heading to Malta this summer for an internship program.

The Auburn University junior will spend 8 weeks this summer working with The Finesse Group, an international public relations and marketing firm. Minor said she would be one of the few interns the company hires each year

“I will work specifically on public relations, she said,

Minor said she would help Finesse Group develop international messaging as the company moves into a more global business. She said the company has traditionally focused on Europe and was based mainly in the UK, Malta and Japan.

Minor said the internship mainly consisted of eight weeks of remote work and that for the first three weeks of the program she would stay in the United States, but after that she would move to Malta for the remaining five weeks. She said it would allow her to meet her boss and other staff in person once a week.

Minor graduated from Pell City High School in 2019 and was valedictorian of her class. She attended school in Auburn where she studied public relations with a concentration in journalism and a minor in Italian studies.

Minor said she had always dreamed of going abroad even before this opportunity presented itself.

“I knew I wanted to be overseas,” she said. “I’ve been trying to live abroad for about three years now.”

Minor said she mainly tries to do this through job shadowing, where you stay with a host family in exchange for certain childcare or housekeeping duties as part of an exchange. cultural. She said COVID-19 put a damper on those plans and she was glad the internship gave her another opportunity to go abroad.

Minor said the internship probably wouldn’t have been possible without Auburn’s international mentorship program. The program connected her with Auburn alumnus Kirsten McConnell Grenside, who lives and works in Malta.

“Without Kirsten, I wouldn’t have had any of these opportunities,” Minor said.

She said Grenside put her in touch with Finesse founder and CEO Jo Caruana. Minor said that initially she got a Zoom call and was just talking with Caruana and at the end of the call she was offered the internship.

The internship will not be the end of her adventure either, after the end of the internship she will also spend a month with a host family in northern Italy, the same family she initially tried to be with. au pair.

Minor said if there’s one thing this experience has taught him, it’s that timing is everything.

“Everything is working on God’s schedule,” she said. “I’m so happy”

Taylor Mitchell is a Daily Home reporter covering Pell City.


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