Operation Mincemeat’s Kelly Macdonald prefers working together over ‘challenging’ Line of Duty (exclusive)


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Kelly Macdonald says she’s “much happier as a whole” as Ground Meat Operation rather than taking center stage, as in her Course of action interrogation scene.

The 46-year-old told Yahoo that her guest starring role on the hit BBC crime series was “difficult but very rewarding”, despite the intense pressure.

Ground Meat Operation sees Macdonald’s character Jean play a key role in a stranger-than-fiction Allied plan to deceive the Germans and cover up their plans to attack Sicily.

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It is based on the true story of an elaborate ruse in which British forces used a corpse with a false identity to convince Axis forces to divert military manpower from Italy.

Kelly Macdonald plays an intimate role in concocting an elaborate deception in “Operation Mincemeat.” (See-Saw Films/Warner Bros)

Much of the film’s action takes place in the secret team’s basement operations room, which created a pressure cooker atmosphere for the actors on set as well as their characters.

Macdonald said: “I’m much happier in a set where everyone is in the room doing their own thing. It was a great set and we had a great time there. I think the art direction was amazing .

“But Course of action was bright, austere lights and that just speaks for itself. It was difficult, but very rewarding.”

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In the sixth series of Jed Mercurio’s show, Macdonald played DCI Joanne Davidson, suspected of being anti-corruption unit AC-12.

She received acclaim for her performance, including in a long, revealing interrogation scene during the series’ penultimate episode.

Kelly Macdonald played DCI Joanne Davidson in the sixth crime thriller series

Kelly Macdonald played DCI Joanne Davidson in the sixth crime thriller series “Line of Duty.” (Steffan Hill/BBC)

In Ground Meat OperationJean de Macdonald is a figure of affection for the two main architects of the plan – friendly Flight Lieutenant Charles Cholmondeley (Matthew Macfadyen) and married intelligence officer Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth).

Jean and Montagu bond as they work out the details of their fake airman’s backstory and it seems to push them into romance, despite Montagu’s status as a married man.

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Macdonald describes the chemistry between the duo as “a very innocent romance” informed by the excitement of helping build a deception together.

She said, “The lines [between reality and their deception] are slightly blurry and I think it’s very well represented in the movie actually. It doesn’t go too far.

“If it was a Hollywood movie, it could be something else. It was a great part to play. I basically had two Mr Darcys.”

Kelly Macdonald and Matthew Macfadyen in

Kelly Macdonald and Matthew Macfadyen in ‘Operation Mincemeat’. (See-Saw Films/Warner Bros)

Ground Meat Operation also stars Johnny Flynn as James Bond author Ian Fleming and Jason Isaacs as Admiral John Godfrey – credited as Fleming’s inspiration for spy chief Mr.

The film is directed by Shakespeare in loveby John Madden from a screenplay by Michelle Ashford, adapted from the non-fiction book by historian Ben Macintyre.

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“We were the little moles in a basement scurrying around and hatching outrageous plans, Macdonald said.

Ground Meat Operation opens in cinemas in the UK from 15 April.

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