Northumbria Researcher Elevating Gender Equality and Equity in the Accountancy Profession


An academic from the University of Northumbria has been awarded a prestigious Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship to investigate gender equity and inequality in the accounting profession.

The work of Professor Kathryn Haynes, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria, will build on her existing research in the area of ​​gender and accounting. This is one of several high-level studies to have received a share of funding worth £ 4.5million through the Leverhulme Trust’s Major Research Fellowships – awarded to “Eminent researchers in the humanities and social sciences”. The Leverhulme Trust prides itself on supporting only the most talented researchers carrying out projects of the highest originality.

Research by Professor Haynes, titled: Contemporary feminisms and their emancipatory implications for accounting, explore systematic inequalities, both in the accounting profession and in accounting practice itself. It will aim to advance feminist theories of accounting and how these can help create greater equity in society.

Commenting on her work, Professor Haynes said: “Receiving a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship is a tremendous honor. By extending my existing research and broadening its depth and importance, I hope to generate conclusions that will be both definitive and impactful in the field of accounting and of interest to other disciplines. What we choose to measure or not measure, such as a person’s work and other ways they contribute to society, can leave many people feeling undervalued – and often underpaid. It is a global issue for the accounting profession and it resonates particularly with feminist theories. I am eager to help solve these problems in any way possible through my research.

Professor Robert MacIntosh, Professional Vice Chancellor of the Northumbria Faculty of Business and Law added: “Winning a Leverhulme Trust Award is a clear mark of excellence. This is the first time the University of Northumbria has been awarded a Major Research Fellowship and I congratulate Kathryn on what is an outstanding achievement for her and for the university. It’s a clear reflection of the quality and impact of our research and the lasting difference that research makes. “

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