Monday’s UCF Football press conferences, a look back


ORLANDO – Not all press conferences are the same. There are moments and comments that stand out every time, but yesterday’s press conferences were even better than usual.

It was obvious that the defensive tackle ricky barber was excited about the performance of his teammates, and it was also evident that the UCF head coach Gus Malzahn knows he had a lot of talented players who played well on defense. Finally, just look at the tight end that of Alec Holler press conference, because his commentary did not disappoint.

Do your job!

One of the terms often overused in college and professional football would be the phrase “Do your job!” Football is a team sport, and there are many different aspects of each individual’s game that must go well for a unit and a team to be successful. It starts with each player accomplishing what is stated in the previous quote.

At Monday’s press conference, Ricky Barber spoke about how every player along the defensive line has improved their game lately and how that has impacted the Knights’ defense. The defensive tackle took a pragmatic approach with his response, and he was frankly right based on the old adage of “Do your job!”

Coach Malzahn talks about defensive end Tre’mon Morris-Brash

At the end of the first two games of the 2021 season, something was missing. Bags. As in there was none to find. In the first five games of the season, UCF recorded just six sacks in total as a defense. Beginning in the East Carolina game on Oct. 9, the defense began to take the quarterback to the ground.

This was the previous problem, as the UCF would reach the quarterback but not finish the game. Against East Carolina, the Knights recorded four sacks, one against Cincinnati, six against Memphis and four against Temple. It’s a very good channel.

As part of this vast improvement, the defensive end Tre’mon Morris-Brash Also upped his game. One of the most recruited players on the UCF roster, the junior defensive end harassed the quarterback and made an impact. Here’s what Coach Malzahn had to say about Morris-Brash at Monday’s press conference.

Well done Alec Holler

There are few players with more humility and work ethic than current tight end Alec Holler. Former Winter Park, Fla. Star Trinity Prep has found his way to UCF as a replacement, but he is now a fellow and the close starting point.

Holler discussed his rise in the depths table and what it meant to play for the Knights at Monday’s press conference. There was no need to cut clips from his press conference because he represents what is good about varsity athletics and why the sport is so important to American society as a whole.

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