Mitchell Trade have changed the Cavaliers’ plans for the season


The riders‘ the coaching staff had to start from scratch after the team found a trade for Donovan Mitchellwrites Chris Fedor of

JB Bickerstaff and his assistants had just returned from a retreat where they had been planning strategies for the upcoming season. These plans had to be scrapped two days later when news of Mitchell’s trade broke.

Instead of preparing for another year with an oversized front line, Bickerstaff is delighted to have two dynamic scorers in his backcourt with Mitchell joining Darius Garland.

“Most teams don’t have enough strong defenders to be able to put a guy on every one of those guys.” said Bickerstaff. “We can go out and manipulate the game. We play a selfless, quick ball-moving type of game. The fourth quarter is where it’s really going to get fun, where you slow things down a bit and then you play this game of chess. But there are so many threats on the floor that our guys have and how they present themselves. And a lot of times you’ll just have to take what the defense gives you because we know that guy can make you pay.

Garland and Mitchell were friends long before the trade materialized, adds Fedor. Mitchell was a strong supporter of Garland’s bid for the All-Star team last year, and they worked together twice over the summer. Mitchell expected to be traded to the Knicks at the time, but instead they will form one of the most exciting backcourts in the league.

General director Koby Altman said one of his first steps after the trade deal was finalized was to notify Garland.

“We were already delighted to have the team back. While we weren’t able to complete this transaction, we were thrilled with what we got in return. But when the opportunity presented itself, absolutely Donovan takes us to another level,” Altman said. “It makes Caris (The Green) more dangerous. This makes Darius more dangerous. It helps Evan (Mobley). I can’t wait to see what it looks like. It gives us a whole new dynamic. Sure, you’re thinking, ‘What if we had Donovan in that Atlanta Hawks game (play-in)?’ I hope it won’t be that this year. »

It was widely reported that the Cavaliers and Jazz talked about Mitchell during the Las Vegas Summer League and didn’t resume conversations until late August after Utah’s negotiations with the Knicks failed. Fedor says that during this interval, Altman and Bickerstaff reached out to people who had worked with Mitchell to get their recommendations.

“The first thing that came out of everyone’s mouth was how good he is,” said Bickerstaff. “I know it sounds like a small thing, but in this business, being so close to each other, we have a positive or negative impact on everyone’s life. You want to be able to surround yourself with good people and positive people. When you don’t have to sacrifice people for talent, you give yourself the opportunity to build something special.The second thing they all talked about was his work ethic. “It’s working on his game and getting better. He wants to be big. That translates into games. He doesn’t take nights.”


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