Minority will oppose new legal profession bill – suggests Dr Ayine



Dr Dominic Ayine says minority lawmakers will oppose new legal profession bill

The bill aims to amend existing legislation on the training of legal professionals

The bill has not yet been tabled in Parliament

Dr Dominic Ayine has revealed that minority MPs will oppose the new Attorney General’s Legal Profession Bill, 2021, which has yet to be tabled in the House.

According to him, the proposals in the Attorney General’s bill are not something they can support.

Dr Dominic Ayine, who himself, along with two other MPs, introduced a private member’s bill on legal education reforms argued on Joy News that:

“The forked approach that is taken by the Attorney General’s bill is not something we want to support and we will galvanize support in Parliament to go against that.

“I don’t think we should combine the regulation of professional legal education with the legal profession as a whole.

“In England, they made the split. And because of the growing demand for legal education, I think we need a special body.”

About the new bill on the legal profession

The Attorney General is seeking to introduce a bill on the legal profession to consolidate and amend existing legislation regulating the profession.

Article 30 (2) of the bill states that the General Legal Council may allocate quotas to universities that it has approved to carry out the Bachelor of Laws program. This has been criticized as further closing the door to legal education in the country.

The interview process already abandoned for admission to Ghana Law School will be reintroduced into this bill.

Under the new bill, the Independent Reviews Commission will now become a creation of the law and to appeal against the decisions of the Disciplinary Commission of the General Legal Council, those concerned will no longer be able to apply to the High Court but to the Supreme Court.



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