Meet Tracy Romulus as Kanye West throws shade at Kim K’s friend


Kanye West is not happy with TikTok posts from Kim Kardashian and North West.

The drama between Kim and Ye escalated as they aired their respective opinions about their daughter being on TikTok.

In one of his last Instagram posts, the rapper continued to throw shade at Tracy Romulus, who has been friends with Kim for years.

“Tracy Romulus stop manipulating Kim into being like this,” he wrote in his post.

Fans have been wondering who Tracy is ever since. Here’s what we know.

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Tracy Romulus works with Kim Kardashian

Tracy, 42, has worked closely with Kim since 2017 as chief marketing officer.

She is married to music producer Ray Romulus, who also worked with Kanye. The couple share three children together.

Tracy started working with Kim when the reality star first launched KKW beauty. She held the position of CMO for KKW perfume and SKIMS.

She has worked in the public relations industry for over two decades. According to Fox Business, she started working when she was 20.

Tracy is hugely popular on Instagram with over 500,000 followers. She is pictured with Kim in several posts, which further explains their close relationship.

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The reality star and her publicist have been friends for years

Kim has publicly spoken about her close friendship with Tracy.

On Dec. 19, 2021, the reality star shared throwback photos with her CMO, wishing her a happy birthday.

In a tweet, she wrote“We met 15 years ago and instantly became best friends! We had three of our kids at the same time who are all best friends and bonded over our work ethic and goals. You are one of the hardest working people I know.

In other Publish shared on the same day, Kim said, “You always have the best tea, solutions for every situation and you’d beat anyone’s ass if it came down to that! You’re the most loyal cheerleader and the bigger and the cement of our girls chat! Happy birthday I love you”

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North West’s TikTok feud explained

On Friday, February 4, Kanye posted a screenshot of North West’s TikTok to Instagram, claiming his daughter “was put on TikTok against her will.”

Soon, Kim shared a lengthy response on her Instagram Stories, saying Kanye’s “constant attacks” on social media and interviews are “more hurtful” than North’s TikTok.

“Divorce is hard enough for our children and Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation in such a negative and public way only causes more pain for everyone,” Kim wrote.

Following Kim’s post above, Kanye shared a screenshot of TikTok’s guidelines, which state that a user must be 13 years or older to use the app.

He captioned it: ‘We need JesusTok’ pointing out that North is still only 8 years old.

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