Medical interns threaten to quit if their hours are not reduced


In an interview with 103FM on Wednesday morning, Dr Adina Leshansky, an intern pediatrician at a central Israel hospital, shared the unreasonable schedule she has to work with.

“A lot of people don’t understand that beyond the 26 hour shifts we also work full time in the morning,” she said. “Sometimes it’s time to take a break, and sometimes it’s not.

“On the days when I’m on call, I start working at 8 am, and sometimes there is no time for lunch because the hospital is too busy, so I keep working at night until 8 am the next morning. at the end of the shift, there is a checkup that sometimes lasts an hour or two or more. “

According to Leshansky, every intern must legally report when working more than 26 hours, but there are some hospitals that don’t work like that. “I have friends who were reprimanded when they made a report,” she said. “Often times we don’t connect and keep working. Not only is this horrible reality, but there is no one to maintain working conditions.”

“On the outside, whenever this happens, it’s clear to everyone that working 26 straight hours isn’t human and doesn’t make sense, but a lot of older doctors say we’re a generation of whiners and they worked harder than us. They think just because they worked like that is the way to do it. The challenge here is to think outside the box. “

Doctors protest at a protest by medical residents demanding more staff at the hospital and that the 26-hour shifts be shortened. (credit: ELAD GUTTMAN)

Asked about adding manpower, Leshansky said they have been promised extra manpower for years, but that never happens, when another major issue is wages. .

“Two-thirds of my salary is not from a full-time base salary. I earn less than NIS 7,000. The rest of my salary is from overtime. If the government thinks creatively and changes the system of pay, I won’t be so dependent on overtime. That way I can work more nights because we have to, we understand that, but there is a way to work nights in a humane way. “

“We’re not happy to quit, and we don’t want to. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am, I love my job, but next week our permits will expire, and MP Orna Barbivay will have to decide. whether it will renew it without change, or whether it will respond to our requests.

“If she doesn’t sign and the shift reduction plans aren’t updated, we’ll give two weeks’ notice and be forced to resign. Last night we voted 2,000 votes on our petition.”


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