Medical intern murdered during a consultation in Durango; Suspected criminal arrested


Eric Andrade was murdered while treating a patient in Durango (Photo: Tw @FelipesolisMIDA)

Eric David Andrade Ramirez, a medical internit was the slaughter At El Salto Comprehensive Hospital, Pueblo Nuevo, Durango. The murder took place on July 15 when young people from 24 years cared for a patient in the clinic where he provided Social service,

The governor of the state, José Rosas Espuro, condemned the events of the morning of this Saturday, July 16. A few hours later, he confirmed that The alleged murderer has been arrested Office of the State Attorney General (FGE) It was through his Twitter profile @AispuroDurango that he was exposed:

“Attorney General @DanielRocjaMX1 informed me of the arrest of a man believed to be responsible for the events in which young Dr. Eric was deprived of life in El Salto, Pueblo Nuevo”

Eric was a student at the Autonomous University of Durango (UAD). Informal sources indicate that young people He was a fortnight away from completing his social service and that he was murdered by a man under the influence of drugs he shot him several times in the head,

The Governor of Durango has ensured better conditions for the interns (Photo: @AispuroDurango)

because of the fact Fury between civil society and the medical community. Groups that responded to the tragedy included the Mexican Association of Physicians in Training (MAI).AMMEF), who shared a position in which he assured that the conditions for exercising medical practices are not sufficient. under this period demanded that the government of the institution do justice In Eric’s case.

Similarly, AMMEF has asked the competent authorities Assess security conditions The places where the offerings are in August 2022, Do not provide location on dangerous sitesDo not hold trainees accountable for health care in unconnected communities and ignore timely complaints and reports.

Under this period, rosé espuro assured that met with the health protection committeeset up the system security app In rural clinics and hospitals. The state president also said the prosecutor would provide clear information about the case, he said:

“I have asked the prosecutor to make a timely report to the family, the medical community and society at large”

Doctors have ruled out Eric's murder (Photo: Victoria Valtierra/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Doctors have ruled out Eric’s murder (Photo: Victoria Valtierra/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

were also set to make a statement about what happened Durango Health Secretary, Sergio Gonzalez Romero, who visited the medical facilities where Eric was deprived of life. Via his Twitter account @glezromeros, he said:

“As a doctor, I denounce acts of violence against the union. I appreciate the prompt action of the competent authorities.

Recently, an IMSS doctor was also murdered (Photo: Facebook/Masiel Mexia Medina)
Recently, an IMSS doctor was also murdered (Photo: Facebook/Masiel Mexia Medina)

It should be remembered that the violent death of Erik Andrade occurred three days later. Dr. Masiel Mexia was killed in the Sierra Taraumaras, An anesthesiologist working for the welfare of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) was shot and killed in San Juanito, Bocoyna, Chihuahua.

FGE reported that Masiel Mexia was murdered in his home, in the satellite barrio and the medical professional was shot in the head and chest. his death very angry doctor from Ciudad Juarez, who revealed To demand justice for his ally.

Information is circulating on social media that in the case of the IMSS doctor, the doctor will demonstrate to kill Eric.

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