Matisse Thybulle needs to improve offensively


In this continuing series, Sixers Wire will take a look at the 17 players that make up the Philadelphia 76ers roster – 15 under contract and the two players back and forth – and give them three goals each for the 2021-22 season.

The new season begins October 20 and training camp begins September 28. Now is the time to start previewing the season and getting everyone ready for a new Sixers basketball adventure.

Next in the series is stud defender Matisse Thybulle. The Sixers have done a great job of developing him into one of the best perimeter defenders in the league – playing with Ben Simmons helps a lot – but there are some things he needs to come back with for his game in order to take the lead. next step.

For Thybulle, here are his three goals for the coming season:

In order for Thybulle to truly become that 3-and-D player the Sixers expect him to become, he needs to add the “3” part of that aspect. He only shot 26.2% deep before the all-star break in the 2020-21 season and then shot 33.3% deep after the break, so there was some improvement to continue his development in this area.

He shot the ball pretty well at the 2020 Olympics for Australia, so he’ll have to bring that to the United States. He’s got good form and the work ethic is there, he just needs to bring it with him this coming season to help the Sixers on the pitch.

Thybulle played a key role in Australia winning his first Olympic medal in basketball and he will now have to transfer it to the NBA. He was a threat on the defensive side, as usual, as he led the Olympics in aggregate with 18 and steals per game at 3.0. He averaged 7.8 points with 62.3% off the ground, so the challenge now is to keep his momentum going.

Thybulle has a perfect example to learn from Danny Green. The veteran is a three-time champion and he has defined the role of a 3-and-D player in this league. He’s a guy who can reverse the 3-point shot and he’s a guy who has proven to be a pretty solid defender in this league for a very long time.

Being with a guy like Green will continue to do wonders for Thybulle’s game and he should imbibe as much as he can for his game. The third-year Washington goalie has tremendous potential and he can become a player. formidable in this league.


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