Malawi: Ministry of Education calls for social dialogue with Tum


The education ministry said the teachers’ union and the government should engage in social dialogue to set standards, develop policies and design programs that promote a decent working environment.

Education Minister Agnes NyaLonje said on Thursday at the official opening of the 23rd Malawi Teachers Union (TUM) Congress at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, the theme of which was “Joining hands to motivate and protect teachers for quality education ”.

She said this could be achieved if a functioning education system for the country is improved for the improvement of the teaching profession.

“The aspirations of teachers and governments may not always coincide and it is always difficult to find adequate resources to meet national educational needs,” said NyaLonje.

The minister said we have to be open and honest with each other about our intentions and treat each other with respect.

“Behind all our interactions, we must have a common will to develop a strong national education system that meets the needs of all our children, young people, supported by a teaching profession respected at the national level and meeting the highest standards expected of the profession. , “she added.

NyaLonje revealed that the ministry has been working on developing a code of conduct for teachers for some time.

She said: “Such a code of conduct is important because it promotes the professional conduct of teachers both in the classroom and more broadly in their role as community leaders in society.

The Minister stressed that the discipline of teachers in any education system greatly contributes to instill a culture of discipline among the learners.

Malawi Teachers Union General Secretary Charles Kumchenga said that over the past two years the education sector has been severely affected by COVID-19.

He said COVID-19 posed a challenge to the student-teacher ratio where observation of social distancing was encouraged in all schools despite inadequate classrooms.

Education Secretary Chikondano Mussa assured delegates in Congress that the ministry is aware of the problem of late teacher promotions in the country.

She said the ministry’s human resources officers were working with the human resources management department to ensure that outstanding promotion issues among teachers were addressed.


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