Major shutdown of yellow line potentially underway next year


The yellow metro line, which runs through Crystal City and Pentagon City, could see major disruption next year due to necessary repairs.

Proposal Yellow Line Bridge and Tunnel Rehabilitation Project will include repairs to the bridge and tunnels between the Pentagon and L’Enfant Plaza stations.

The WMATA project website said the bridge now exhibited “excessive wear and corrosion”, while “decades of water infiltration and underground moisture have eroded the steel-lined tunnels.” The bridge and tunnels’ date from the original construction [of the Metro system] over 40 years ago.

The transit agency warned that long-term repairs are needed to prevent structural failure.

The project will also upgrade the fire extinguishing system on the bridge, which is currently beyond its useful life according to WMATA. Further remediation work in the tunnel will repair the cracks.

Subway station works schedule, including yellow line closures, photo via WMATA

The exact timing of the project is not yet clear. Andrew Off, vice president of project implementation and construction, said a bridge shutdown is slated for fall 2022.

“We plan to start at the end of the next calendar year, Off said. “We are still working with our general contractor on the specific construction time for the closure of the yellow line bridge. “

Meanwhile, further south on the yellow line, Off said a two-week shutdown is likely as WMATA connects the new Potomac Yard subway station.

“We will have a planned two week or 16 day shutdown in late summer or early fall to support the connection of the new Potomac Yard filling station to our existing system,” said Off.

The station had been planned opening next spring, but was repulsed to September 2022 after an error was found in the design of the project. The rulers of Alexandria are still full of hope the project could be brought forward earlier in the year.

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