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  • Ben Tanter, Director of Main Point Books, receives advice from Mr. Monopoly at the Monopoly Main Line edition launch party. (Richard Ilgenfritz/MediaNews Group)

  • Ben Tanter, director of Main Point Books, receives advice from...

    Ben Tanter, Director of Main Point Books, receives advice from Mr. Monopoly at the Monopoly Main Line Edition launch party (Richard Ilgenfritz/MediaNews Group)

  • Cathy Fiebach, owner of Main Point Books and Ben Tanter,...

    Main Point Books owner Cathy Fiebach and Main Point Books director Ben Tanter show off their space on the game board. (Richard Ilgenfritz/MediaNews Group)

  • Mr. Monopoly is waiting for the Monopoly Main Line Edition to be...

    Mr. Monopoly is waiting for the Monopoly Main Line Edition to be unveiled. (Richard Ilgenfritz/MediaNews Group)

RADNOR – Mainline monopoly enthusiasts now have their own version to try.

This week, gaming company Top Trumps, licensed to Hasbro, introduced Monopoly Main Line Edition. The game replaces the names of the iconic Atlantic City-based board game, such as Boardwalk and Park Place, with Main Line cultural sites, historical landmarks, and long-running businesses.

The Main Line Edition is the 10th version of the game released by Top Trumps.

Some of the places players can land include Villanova University, Ardmore Station, Chanticleer Garden, Jenkins Arboretum and Gardens, Fenimore Woods Park, Harcum and Haverford Colleges and many more.

This week, officials from Top Trumps and representatives from some of the many locations featured in the game gathered at the Saturday Club in Wayne for an official launch party.

So why did they choose the main line?

“It’s a chain of cities that cling. You have nice universities and some public parks. It kind of fits the recipe for what can make a really good Monopoly game,” said Scott Whitney, vice president of sales for Top Trumps USA.

Whitney said that to develop the community-based games, they work with organizations such as chambers of commerce and visitor centers to select important locations.

“It’s really easy to say, ‘Why don’t you go to Los Vegas?’ But it’s really more interesting to create a community that has amazing content, attractions, beautiful places, iconic landmarks and iconic businesses that come to life through the Monopoly game,” Whitney said.

Ryan Rosenbaum, executive director of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, said he wanted to show his appreciation and gratitude to the manufacturer, Top Trumps, and the many companies that are part of it.

“The Main Line is one of Montgomery County’s gems. We couldn’t be happier to see this new Monopoly game revealed to everyone,” Rosenbaum said. “We are extremely proud that the Main Line will now be ‘on the Monopoly Map’ and will highlight the landmarks and locations that have become popular destinations for residents of our county and surrounding counties. We look forward to celebrating this great occasion and recognizing the tremendous effort that has gone into bringing this game to life.”

Rosenbaum added that people and businesses not on the main line might want to visit the area because of this game.

“So it’s not just a good thing for the game, but a good thing for the mainline,” Rosenbaum said.

Gina Izzo, director of marketing and memberships at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, said a key thing for them and for many people on the mainline is managing iconic locations.

“All of the board game landmarks and so many more are part of our labor of love and the things we want to have in our community,” Izzo said.

Whitney also shared some facts about the game, like the world record for longest game played. It was 1,680 hours over 70 days. The longest game played underground lasted 100 hours, which just surpassed the record of 99 hours for the longest game played in a bathtub.

Another local business that will forever be part of Monopoly Main Line publishing is Main Point Books.

“We love to celebrate this stuff, and it’s really nice to have the hometown represented by Top Trumps,” said Ben Tanter, director of Main Point Books.

The game is available at many local businesses, including Main Point Books.

“We think this will be the best gift for anyone this holiday season,” said Cathy Fiebach, owner of Main Point Books.


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