Local man’s 65-year career at Busby’s Heating & Air celebrated


AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF)– Busby’s Heating & Air is celebrating one man’s 65 year career. It’s the longest career anyone has had in the business.

His name is WE Eubanks. WE stands for William Ezra, but WE colleagues say his initials could just as well represent the work ethic.

“When you get into something, you’re going to learn every day. Learn all you can and do what you can to progress, WE said.

WE has been a dedicated employee of Busby’s Heating & Air since 1958.

“WE came the year before I was born. So he’s known me since I’ve been alive. My whole life,” said Rick Busby, President and Owner of Busby’s Heating & Air.

Technology changed during WE’s working time, but he never let his profession pass by.

“It’s always different, so it comes back and you learn something every day. It’s not like you’ve been doing this forever and thinking, ‘Well, I won’t learn anything else.’ You learn,” WE said.

“I saw him outdo some people in their 80s who were in their 20s because of his dedication and how much he cares,” Busby added.

In a world where employers struggle to find staff, WE’s career stands out. His know-how in the sheet metal workshop particularly stands out. So much so that the shop is dedicated to him.

“Anything you can imagine, if it can be made from sheet metal, WE can make it,” Busby said.

Once he’s ready to retire, WE says he’ll take his hobby with him.

“I know I will,” WE said. “I think about it when I’m at home.”

His career spans six and a half decades and he works with a team that says they all look up to him.

“If you didn’t like where you were working, you wouldn’t have stayed there,” WE said.

Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. Proclaimed February 1st2022 “William Ezra Eubanks Day” in recognition of his 65-year career.


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