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For the publisher:

Jennifer Macksey is quite simply the best candidate for mayor in North Adams. As all of Jen’s coworkers, current or former, will tell you, Jen is a strong, independent woman who has been successful in every role she’s held. I have personally seen her incredibly strong work ethic and she puts her whole heart into everything she does – just imagine what she will do for the city she loves.

What an incredible advantage that our new mayor goes to town hall knowing how municipal government works. She will reflect with all city departments to determine what needs to be prioritized and get to work. There won’t be a long learning curve.

I find it disturbing that the only reason I hear not to vote for Jen is because she will be the “spokesperson” for our former mayor. For those of you who have made that statement, you obviously don’t know Jen.

She is as passionate about this city as anyone I have met. Security, jobs, education and housing are all high on her to-do list and she wants to work with the citizens of the city to improve them all.

If you don’t know who to vote for I urge you to speak to Jen, she is accepting all conversations. I also invite you to watch the debate on 10/21/21.

I support Jen Macksey and urge you to do the same, she will make this city proud.

Rebecca cellana
North Adams, Mass.

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