Kemper County School District Opens New Elementary School


DE KALB, Mississippi (WTOK) — A local school held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new building on Friday.

In De Kalb, the Kemper County School District opened its new elementary school building.

Kemper County Elementary School Principal Dr. Jerri Cawthorn was excited about the school’s new layout.

“The design of the school is really good because it will bring East and West together. It will bring K-6 under one roof again and I think it’s just better financially for our community and our system. school,” Dr. Cawthorn said.

Kemper County Superintendent Hilute Hudson said the kids work really hard during the school year and they want to give them a building that represents that work ethic.

“The project has been in the works for a long time. It’s transformed. At one point it was going to be a high school, but when we started looking at the finances, doing what’s best for the district and the taxpayers, it became that an elementary would be a more appropriate project. The community spoke and they agreed. They posted a bond of $12 million for this project. Besides getting out there, finding other funds, we’re really proud that we can build a $24 million school and only pass the $12 million bond,” Superintendent Hudson said.

One of the school board members, Rontal Jenkins, said it was a huge investment not just for the school, but for the community as a whole.

“As your school system goes, so does your community. The better your school system is, the better your community will be, the more job opportunities there will be in your community. So we’re investing in our children, which is also an investment in our long-term community,” Jenkins said.

Headteachers said the new school will accommodate up to 750 students and the expected completion date is December 2023 with a move-in date set for January 2024.


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