KAT praises Jimmy Butler in an about-face



Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler chats with an official during a game against the Boston Celtics.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is well known to have a competitive spirit that is both his greatest virtue and his most misunderstood “flaw.” Part of it was this side of him that ended up eroding various relationships during his previous stops in the NBA.

Despite all of this, the All-Star has visibly found his place in the world in South Florida. His state of mind went hand in hand with the culture of the Heat. Still, there was a time when he was seen as a malcontent and a bad teammate.

Another part of that reputation has been debunked from a very unlikely source.

Karl-Anthony Towns acknowledged his former teammate and made it known that Butler was a vital part of this latest Minnesota team that ended up making the playoffs in 2017-18.

‘Giving Flowers’ to Jimmy

“Thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate you, ”Towns said in an interview he gave on Twitch.

“It doesn’t matter if we didn’t see eye to eye, okay, f ** k it. We didn’t see an okay. We don’t have to, but we did. “work on this pitch. We gave Wolves a chance to be in the playoffs. We did it.”

For Towns, this approach is about “spreading love and appreciation.”

For many, it’s part of Towns’ new outlook on life since his mother passed away just over a year ago. It was the event of life that changed him and now you see more of these types of attitudes.

The past relationship was not the best

While in Minnesota, the two players did not get along. One of the reasons Butler wanted to leave this organization was the fact that he did not assess the respective work ethic of Towns and Andrew Wiggins. That didn’t mean he didn’t respect the talent they both had.

After Butler left Minnesota after being traded to Minnesota, these two had a few encounters.

The most recent was last season in a Heat win over the Timberwolves 121-112. In this game, Butler just made minced meat with the T-Wolves star both from a basketball point of view while chatting nastily against the cities.

Could this be the proverbial “peace pipe smoking” between two players who weren’t best friends in the world, even in the best of times?

It’s possible.

Butler also praises a former teammate

The exchange of pleasantries was not a one-way street in this situation. Butler was also very outspoken about his feelings towards them.

This was confirmed by André Iguodala. The 37-year-old veteran returned to the Warriors after a season and a half with the Heat, but he remembered one thing from his time in South Florida that helped him see Andrew Wiggins in a whole different light. .

Last week, Iguodala mentioned that it was Butler who congratulated his current teammate at Golden State. Most importantly, Butler said he “really enjoyed playing with Wiggins.

“That was all I needed to hear to be honest, because Jimmy doesn’t like anyone,” Iguodala continued. via CBS. “So when Jimmy said he liked Wiggs, I started to look at him differently.”

With all of this being mentioned, there is a question that can be asked. Was Minnesota at that time as bad as it was reported?

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