Julia Davidson | Westfall Fellows | College of Sciences



Post-graduation plans

After I graduate, I plan to do research on the effects of smoke from forest fires as a lab technician at the Desert Research Institute. Next fall I plan to apply for a PhD. in geochemistry.

The most important tip for an incoming freshman

My advice to incoming freshmen is to actively learn what you are passionate about. Talk to professors, apply for internships / jobs, and bond with quality mentors. Since we’ve been in school all of our lives, it can be hard to imagine all the possible careers that come with a degree. I highly recommend talking to professors and practicum supervisors about their life stories / experiences to find out what they have considered or done with their degrees. Internships / jobs are also great for developing a general idea of ​​what you like / don’t like to do early on.

In 15 years …

In 15 years, I hope to use my knowledge of chemistry to better understand and protect the natural world. It’s horrible to see the effects of pollution and climate change unfold in front of me, so I would like to do my part to address the issues that arise. I hope I will work with other scientists, educators, science communicators and policy makers to drive change.


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