Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh on the same page regarding Mike White, Zach Wilson



FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh agree on the Jets quarterback situation.

Douglas, the general manager of the Jets, echoed what Saleh said about the most discussed potential controversy in New York sports right now. Mike White is the Jets quarterback this week and they will look to the future of the job when Zach Wilson returns from a knee injury.

“I’m in sync with the coach,” Douglas said Tuesday night.

Saleh left the door open that White, who threw for 405 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday’s win over the Bengals, could remain the Jets quarterback even when Wilson is in good health.

The Whites will get their second start Thursday against the Colts. The Jets could keep White as a starter if he plays well and moves the offense to Indianapolis. The earliest Wilson can come back from his sprained PCL is for the following Sunday game against the Bills.

“I’m going to build on everything the coach has said and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” said Douglas. “Our only goal is the Indianapolis Colts.”

Douglas used the No.2 pick on Wilson, who struggled more than he managed in his first six NFL starts. Wilson only threw four touchdowns and was selected nine times.

But Douglas was encouraged by Wilson’s “playing ability”. Douglas liked the progress Wilson showed before injuring his knee in a 41-point loss to the Patriots two Sundays ago, and is confident the young quarterback will continue to progress.

“I feel like he was about to really take off in this pre-injury New England game,” said Douglas. “He’s a tough-minded young man. He has a great work ethic. I think you’re going to continue to see him just shoot. His arrow is pointing up. He’s going to keep improving every single day once. that he’ll be back on the pitch. “

Douglas was also very happy for White to have had the kind of performance on Sunday because of “all the work he does behind the scenes.”

Overall, the Jets are 2-5 and not where they hoped they would be after an offseason in sales. They have recruited a new team of coaches and rely on a mix of veterans and very young players. The Jets lead the NFL in rookie snaps, which Douglas acknowledged is “a lot for a freshman.”

Douglas touched on several other topics, including Marcus Maye’s future as Jet, which is very much up in the air.

The Jets did not trade Maye before Thursday’s deadline. But he’s on his franchise label, and Douglas wasn’t as adamant as he was in the past about wanting to lock Maye in for the long haul.

“Marcus is a valued member of this team,” said Douglas. “I love having him here. He’s a fantastic young player. He’s under his franchise label. We can’t renegotiate a deal with him until the end of the season. We have 10 games left to assess him. as well as all the other members of this team. “

Douglas was unwilling to explain the impact of Maye’s legal issues on his future with the team. Maye was arrested for drunk driving in Florida in February and charged with three misdemeanors. Do you want a conversation? Yes. How is it going? Me dai cest excéllant, it is hot.

Although Maye did not brief the organization until the news broke last month, Douglas has shown her support. He said they talked about it and “put him to bed.” Maye still faces a league suspension.

“While you don’t tolerate the action, you are supporting the man,” said Douglas. “We know Marcus is a fantastic young man. We support him as a person. It was a mistake. I support Marcus.”

Denzel Mims was another player the teams showed interest in, but the Jets kept the talented second-year wide receiver. Mims has been inactive twice this season and has only targeted nine times in the five games he’s played. But Douglas said Mims has shown “growth” since training camp and through his hard work “he has earned the right to have more playing time.”



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