Jennifer Aniston went out of her way to make the radio intern look good


Jennifer Aniston is truly one of the “friends” who will always be there for you.

In his upcoming book “Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations In Business And Life,” author and podcaster Joe Pardavila revealed that the actress went out of her way to give him an interview when he was just a intern at “Scott & Todd in the Morning”. on 95.5 PLJ.

He recalled that in 1997 he was sent to find her on the set of “Picture Perfect” for an exclusive interview. However, as he approached his trailer in Midtown Manhattan, his bodyguard immediately stopped him.

“He saw me and sensed what I was going to do. He headed straight for me, he alleged in his book.

“Holding up my radio mic, I said in my most soothing, innocent tone, ‘Hey, I just want to ask Jennifer a few questions, that’s all.’ The guard let me know that wasn’t going to happen.” His tone was neither soothing nor innocent.

Joe Pardavila
Joe Pardavila recalled the time she called the station and told him they could talk in the morning.
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However, Aniston, who had heard the commotion, came out and told her she couldn’t speak before hiding in her trailer. With his tail between his legs, Pardavila returned to the station.

However, “a few minutes later, Jennifer Aniston asked her assistant to call PLJ reception to say that Jennifer felt bad about what had happened. Even better, she would be happy to do an interview with the morning show.

Jennifer Aniston
Aniston shot to fame after starring in “Friends.”
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She “talked for 20 minutes with us about the movie she was doing, her time on ‘Friends’, anything you’d like to talk about with Jennifer Aniston,” he wrote.

“Friends” shot Aniston to stardom after its premiere in 1994. The show aired its final episode 10 years later.

Pardavila’s book includes a number of celebrity stories, including those about Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi and John Mayer.

“Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations In Business And Life” comes out July 12.


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